Taito set to release the Invadercade, a Space Invaders gaming cabinet

Playing SPACE INVADERS on the iPad will soon look a whole lot sexier early next month when Taito releases the INVADERCADE in Japan, a $200US arcade cabinet with (wait for it…) one joystick and a single button. Of course, it’ll be decked out with your favourite Space Invaders theme. Likely inspired by ThinkGeek’s own iCade that went on sale a few months ago, Taito is hoping this one-of-a-kind gizmo will catch on with fans of the retro shooter. Though for double the price of the iCade and being restricted to essentially one game, it’ll be hard to imagine the Invadercade selling like hot cakes if it ever does come stateside. Well, at least the cabinet serves as a charging dock and is equipped with stereo speakers and a headphone jack as an added bonus. Check out the demo video after  the break…

[TUAW via Engadget]

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