Freebie Alert: Legendary Wars for iPhone and iPad now free for limited time

Legendary Wars is celebrating its one million downloads milestone and has dropped to free this weekend for both the iPhone and iPad. Offering gamers a variety of gameplay modes, Legendary Wars combines a number of genres to give it a blend of Action/Strategy/RPG. A favourite of ChiffaN’s, he gave the game a Kiss It rating in his review:

Whether you’re a fan of the genre or are just looking for an interesting game to try it out, Legendary Wars certainly is a title worthy of attention. With a boatload of features, both borrowed from other successful titles and dreamed up anew, it is definitely the current crowning jewel of the Action/Strategy subgenre on the App Store and a worthy addition to anyone’s app collection.

The game comes as separate downloads for the iPhone and iPad, so make sure you grab the appropriate links below (i.e. no need to be playing the iPhone version on your iPad!).

Legendary Wars Liv Games, Legendary Wars (TMA Review), 176 MB – Free
Legendary Wars HD Liv Games, Legendary Wars HD, 139 MB – Free


Legendary Wars Features:

-Huge world to Explore
Campaign mode features 5 lands and over 50 levels each with unique gameplay and secret unlockable modes.

-Unique Gameplay: Action-RTS-RPG
Take direct control of any hero on the battlefield and unleash their special attacks! Command huge armies and destroy the monster horde. Features a variety of gameplay styles including; castle defense, castle siege, ambush, side-scrolling, free build, and Hero control.

-Gorgeous Retina graphics and animation
6 beautifully detailed environment with eye-popping parallax scrolling, and a whole cast of charming characters in a visually stunning experience.

-ZOMG Monsters!
Battle Skullys, Zombies, Wolfys, Vamps, Trolls, Gargoyles and Dragons designed with AI to hunt you down. Each monster is also equipped with their own unique special attacks that will keep you challenged until the last epic battle.

-New gear and attacks
Upgrade your heroes through the game to unlock powerful new attacks and 4 Tiers of Legendary Armor per character.

-Epic Soundtrack
Beautiful orchestrated soundtrack written exclusively for Legendary Wars. This is what games need to sound like.

& the fun is not over yet!
Unlock more than 13 endless modes and multiple difficulties that will allow you to put your upgraded heroes (and your own personal skill) to the test.

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