Flight Card tracks flights with style and simplicity

Ever find that the current crop of flight tracking apps (say FlightTrack) don’t quite do it for you from an interface point of view, or perhaps they boast features that you’ll never use anyway? If so, Flight Card may very well be right up your alley. Designed with simplicity in mind, Flight Card will provide you with all the pertinent flight info on one page – or basically a “Boarding Pass” as the app calls it. So your flight, terminal and gate numbers, as well as departure times are right at your finger tips. Here are the app features:

– All the info you need in just one ‘card’
– Know everything at the right moment with the help of the different colors and subtitles for each card.
– We track +90.000 flights each day, from +1500 airlines on +16.000 different airports.
– Support for spanish and english language. More to come.

Having played around with Flight Card for the last little while, I can say that it’s hands down the best looking flight tracker I’ve come across thus far. Once you enter your flight info, the boarding pass will be displayed, and it appears you can create as many as your heart desires. Tapping on the screen will toggle between takeoff and landing times/gates/terminal# (shown via up/down arrows), which is a nice touch indeed. While not perfect — the boarding pass doesn’t show date of flight and I’ve noticed that an arrival time for a particular flight that was early by 40 minutes to still being showing the scheduled landing time — Flight Card is off to a very promising start. I’d say that as long as you don’t need all the other features like weather, map routing and push notification found in similar apps, Flight Card is a splendid choice.

Flight Card Sylion, Flight Card, 2.2 MB – $4.99

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