Fast Calendar & Tasks (Calvetica) updated to 4.2

Not only do these devs have the coolest name on the App Store (Mysterious Trousers), but their fantastic Calvetica calendar app is one I’ve come to love and use exclusively on the iPhone for all my scheduling needs. As such, it’s one of those apps I keep a close eye on for news and updates. While the 4.2 update brings about minor tweaks and improvements rather than major new features (that’s coming in 4.3), it does have one addition in particular I’m happy to see: the ability to choose which calendar you’d like an event to go under after every creation. Here’s the complete list of what’s new:

+ In settings you can ask the app to ask you what calendar to add an event to every time.
+ Manage alarms from within the event “details”
+ 24-hour support in Landscape week view.
+ Says “No Events” on days that that don’t have any events in agenda view
+ Week number added to week agenda view
+ Month in “Jump To Date” now swipe able
+ You can move the delete slider in event details like the other details

If you’re still on the look out for a reliable and fun calendar app to use, I highly recommend you take a close look at Calvetica ($2.99). Myterious Trousers also have 2 other apps priced at $0.99 without all the bells and whistles, but are just as user friendly and well designed: Calvetica Classic and Event Calendar (Tempus).

Fast Calendar & Tasks (Calvetica) Mysterious Trousers, Fast Calendar & Tasks (Calvetica), 4.0 MB – $2.99

App Description

Calvetica 4 is the fast calendar for iPhone and iPad.

We’ve sweated the details and carefully crafted an experience that is tuned to the way people really use calendars. We’ve included all the features that really matter to you.

We’ve taken great care to bring you a universal app that gives you a fantastic calendaring experience on both your iPhone and iPad for one low price. You’ll love our continuous scrolling month view on the iPad that lets you browse your schedule like you’ve never been able to before.

We’ve experimented, tried and tested, scrapped and redesigned all the ways we could think of to organize, view and understand calendar data. Finally, we nailed it. Calvetica’s month and day layout lets you view your events quickly and understand your schedule in a way no other application can. And it gets everything else out of your way.

When you open Calvetica 4 for the first time, you’ll already have all your events right there. Calvetica integrates with the default calendar app and relies on it for syncing with Google Calendar, Exchange and others.

Fast event creation has always been our forte and in Calvetica 4, we’ve outdone ourselves. With our new, innovative “quick add” screen, you can easily use a keypad to enter an event’s start time with minute precision. Plus, our favorite: A long press on the plus button creates a generic reminder to take the pizza out of the oven 5, 15 or 30 minutes from now.

Enable Calvetica alarms to receive alerts with a “snooze” button on them. Snooze the alarms of events quickly—and easily—as soon as you get them. You can even choose from our great selection of custom alert sounds (for those of us who never seem to hear the faint default alarm).

Tasks are as much a part of calendaring as events. Easily switch between tasks and events mode to manage both. Back your tasks up to the cloud and sync them automatically between your devices for free!

Email someone an iCal file for an event, or quickly SMS someone a complete description of the event from right inside Calvetica 4.

With our new event repeat interface, you can easily create complex repeats that are easy to understand and set because they read like a sentence.

Whether you dress business, business casual, or just casual, you’ll love the ability to quickly view event notes, location and attendees. You can view the location on a map and easily call, text or email attendees right inside Calvetica 4. Easily set the location of an event by long pressing on the map. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses in notes are tappable.

We’ve added just the right amount of gesture support to simplify all the most basic tasks. Swipe on the month, pinch zoome to change modes and many more. If you’re a power user, you’ll feel right at home.

+ Customize calendar colors
+ Show/hide calendars
+ Search for events within a time range. Search by title, notes, location. Results will highlight the matching text and indicate where it was found.
+ Multiple default alarms
+ Alarms specifically for all day events (i.e. remind me 6pm the day before)
+ Tasks are organized into custom color coded groups
+ Icons by event titles to quickly see if it has notes, a location, attendees or if it repeats.
+ Time zone support
+ Start your week on any day
+ 24-hour format
+ Customize how event and task details appear on the edit screen. Reorder, show or hide details so you can simplify and see only what you want to see.
+ We’re friendly, responsive and personal developers who seek constant improvement in everything we build.
+ And more…

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