1112 episode 03 in Review – It finally happened – I’m going slightly mad…

Sometimes the hardest part of getting your hands on an eagerly anticipated release is the waiting. Ever since the original 1112 episode 01 first saw the light of day, I have been leaving scratch marks on my wall just like a prisoner on death roll to help pass the time. 1112 episode 02 (TMA Review) fully met my expectations and holds the crown as the top first-person adventure in our App Store’s Best Adventure. You can guess how I felt about part 3 of the series. Well, after a long one and a half years of waiting the story finally continues in 1112 episode 03/HD and I can tell you right now – it was well worth the wait!

Unsurprisingly as the previous two episodes, 1112 episode 03 is a classic first-person point-and-tap adventure. The story picks up as Louis is escaping from a maniac, the protagonist locks himself in the toilet only to blackout and find himself in the lavatory of his friend’s house. If you haven’t played the first two episodes, don’t fret, you can get a summary of the previous events via a intro video and an extra one in the main menu. Apparently 6 months have passed since the trip to New York and winter has set on Jacksonville. Anna has disappeared and both the house and the shop have been ransacked. Louis follows the trail of clues left by burglars only to discover dark and disturbing secrets about his dearest.

One of the few adventure games built from the ground up for a touchscreen device the point-and-tap gameplay is polished to a sparkle in 1112 episode 03. You’ll find yourself guiding Louis in exploring the eerie snow-covered town of Jalonsville, complete with its own prophet or two, a couple of wannabe vampires and mysterious graffiti. In quite a rare feat of ingenuity Agharta managed to make the game reasonably non-linear with a handy task-tracking system to help you keep your thoughts in order.

The puzzles are a mix of inventory and dialogue based with a few minigames thrown in for good measure. Most are quite straightforward and logical, though a few require you to retrace your steps and check the already visited areas for changes. And the sprinkled little game of hidden Fish will definitely keep the owners of the iPhone version occupied for a fair while, trying to find various parts of him across the whole game are located, though iPad users will have much less trouble with it. People willing to experiment can also use the custom topic dialogue feature to find an easter egg or two.

Visually 1112 episode 03 looks simply gorgeous. Of course best experienced on the iPad it showcases some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen even on the smaller screen of the iPhone. The visual effects add that extra spark of eeriness further reinforced by some of the best soundtrack I’ve heard in any game, iOS or not. The interface, designed from the ground up for the iPhone offers a completely intuitive experience with full support for all the traditional multi-touch gestures. And that last extra mile – Game Center achievements are available along with a few easter eggs for your pleasure.

Agharta Studio has done it again – 1112 episode 03 is a superb continuation of the series and is almost perfect in every way, naturally besetting the previous episode as the top first person adventure game in our roundup in the next update. The gorgeous visuals and original eerie soundtrack create a unique atmosphere which very few iOS titles manage. And best of all – the gameplay itself, featuring a nice blend of item-based and minigame puzzles, as well as witty dialogues and memorable characters – are on par with the presentation. Regardless of whether you’ve already experienced the first two titles or are a newcomer to the 1112 franchise, the adventures of Louis Everett is a definite must-have for any iOS adventurer.

With this I declare 1112 episode 03 officially touched!

App Summary
Title: 1112 episode 03 Developer: Agharta Studio
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $4.99 App Size: 126.35MB
  • Amazing hand-drawn artwork
  • Atmospheric music
  • A nice mix of item-based puzzles and minigames
  • Involving and twisted storyline
  • Intuitive interface
  • the find Fish hidden object minigame is a bit frustrating on the iPhone screen
  • a hint system would be nice


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