Save Yammi in Review – Draw a rope, feed an octopus!

When Cut the Rope (TMA Review) was first released in late 2010, it was simply out of this world, if only because Angry Birds finally had its hegemony challenged. And the game wasn’t all that bad either. Of course it couldn’t help but inspire competition; some have been downright clones, while others were of the more creative variety. The latter has just spawned an interesting concept, something like an anti-cut the rope in Save Yammi.

Save Yammi is a unique action-puzzler, obviously inspired by the legendary Cut the Rope. Yammi, a young but enterprising little octopus is running for his life from the horrible evil shark when he is sucked into the sewers of a sprawling metropolis. Now he has to find his way out, not forgetting the value of a healthy diet.

As in the now well known predecessor, the main goal of Save Yammi is simple: feed the octopus his cookie. The catch though is instead of cutting the ropes to make this happen, you have to actually draw them on the screen to direct the cookie to Yammi. Also, unlike the original, the 3 yellow stars are now a must to collect on the way, with a couple of brown stars being optional. These variations make a completely different game of the same basic idea and what a game at that.

Of course simply drawing the rope just won cut it. You’ll have to interact with a variety of devices and powerups to get Yammi his daily dose of vitamins. From teleports to cookie enlargement, you’ll have to make good use of them to navigate around the dangers on the levels and get those stars. For additional control you can tilt the device to influence the movement of the tasty treats. Together with the timely nature of drawing the rope, the gameplay does get a bit hectic at times. More than once I wished you could do all the preparations in advance and then just sit back and watch the action.

The visuals are immediately familiar to anyone who’s ever laid eyes on Cut the Rope. So much so that I myself originally thought that Save Yammi was made by the same developers since the style is so similar. On the other hand, this is nothing bad to say about BulkyPix’s latest offering – the detail is amazing and the graphics make it a joy to experience on any device. The music however, still has some ways to go when compared to that of the catchy soundtrack found in CTR.

There’s no way in hell anyone could call Save Yammi a rip-off of the popular Cut the Rope. While the graphics and the basic premise are clearly inspired by Zeptolab’s hit title, the gameplay itself is a complete re-imagining of the newborn genre from the ground up and will bring hours of joy to anyone who makes a grab for Save Yammi. In fact, in some ways it will appeal even more to the players aiming for more control with the integration of tilt to change the gravity direction. In short it is one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played and an easy recommendation for any fan of the puzzle genre.

With this I declare Save Yammi officially touched!

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: Save Yammi Developer: Bulkypix
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 19.66MB
  • Innovative concept
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Lot’s of levels
  • Cute graphics
  • Music could be a bit nicer
  • Can be hectic at times


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