Pirate Subs!!! 2.0 for iOS – Blast pirate subs all over the world!

New York, New York – Super Boise Studios today is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the first major update to Pirate Subs!!! on August 30th, 2011. In the update players gain access to 3 brand new levels in addition to the revised version of the original iceberg level. The new levels are not just new skins, they’re actually brand new games with new obstacles to avoid and new rewards!

Pirate Subs!!! is based around the new tap n’ swipe mechanic. The tap n’ swipe mechanic allows for a much more stimulating game than your basic swipe or tap games while still being easy enough to pick up and play whenever you want.

How You Do It:
* Tap the subs to blow them out of the water
* Juggle as many subs in the air as you can and then…
* Swipe across the screen to launch missiles at them!

The new levels all utilize the tap n’ swipe mechanic in new and unique ways…

Amazon River – Play in a lush jungle environment where players must avoid hitting flying birds with their missiles as they launch them at flying submarines. Boats will occasionally drive by carrying extra lives.

Isle of Industry – Attack those pirate submarines in a murky industrial city!
Accidentally blasting a barrel of oil will cause an oil spill that clouds your view of the water allowing pirate subs to sneak by. Helpful mines will occasionally appear though that you can activate to blast all the subs on the screen out of the water, setting the player up for an easy combo!

Tropical Getaway – Watch out for those crazy dolphins in this tropical paradise! They’ll jump in and out of the water complicating the player’s efforts to destroy all those pirate subs! Treasure chests will also occasionally appear allowing you to gather some extra bonus points if you act quickly enough.

The Amazon River level along with the original Arctic Circle level will be available for free in the update. The Tropical Getaway and Isle of Industry levels will each be available for $0.99 as an IAP.

The new update also features improved graphics, updated menus, and improved stability. The full list of features is included below:

6 Unique Gameplay Modes:
* Classic Mode: Destroy pirate subs before they escape
* Timed Mode: Lasts 1 minute. Combos earn bonus time
* Expert Mode: It’s a pirate sub rampage
* Zen Mode: There are no bears so casually destroy subs
* Nature Mode: It’s an animal onslaught
* Lottery Mode: Only blast certain types of subs.

Feature Packed:
* Multiplayer: Challenge a friend or the world online
* Universal support: Play on all your iOS devices
* Game Center leaderboards & achievements
* OpenFeint integration: Challenge a friend, leaderboards, and achievements
* Captain’s Log that grades your performance
* Twitter & Facebook integration

We Even Have A Cheat Mode!
* Alter gravity!
* Use the uber-bomb
* Invincibility mode
* Mini-Subs only mode
* Remove the polar bears and killer whales

Device Requirements:
* IPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3, or iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 36.0 MB

Pricing And Availability:
* Pirate Subs!!! 2.0 will be available worldwide exclusively through the App Store for $0.99 (USD) on August 30th, 2011. If you’re interested in getting a sneak peak at the Pirate Subs!!! update and would like to request a copy please contact us.
* Pirate Subs Lite 2.0 will be available worldwide exclusively through the App Store for Free on August 30th, 2011.

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