Update of MMP Plan – Meeting Organizer iPad and iPhone App Released

St. Louis, Missouri – An update of MMP Plan – Meeting Organizer, the premiere effective meeting planning app from Creative App Design, is now available on the iTunes App Store. This iPad/iPhone universal app helps meeting organizers easily set up an effective meeting – scheduling, determining attendees, setting an objective, planning the agenda and communicating with attendees.

MMP Plan integrates scheduling, including adding attendees (invitees) through Outlook if an Exchange Calendar is utilized. After scheduling and entering an objective, adding attendees as well as agenda items (with Duration), an email with all this information can be immediately generated to communicate this information with attendees. The current update adds features most frequently requested by users: importing of attendees and agenda items from saved meetings as well as addition of purpose to the agenda item.

MyMeetingPro (MMP) apps are the first and most comprehensive set of apps that addresses the problem of wasted time associated with ineffective business meetings. In addition to MMP Plan, the MMP Cost – Meeting Calculator app helps attendees and management members demonstrate the true cost of meetings to their organizations or other attendees.

MyMeetingPro – MMP Meeting Facilitator, the flagship effective meeting app, is the only app that helps meeting leaders plan, conduct and document effective meetings. The impressive set of capabilities includes planning tools as well as note-taking features that allow collection of notes organized by each agenda item. Notes are made by handwriting on a virtual flip-chart/whiteboard or by typing while agenda tracking and time-keeping features keep the meeting on track. This app is available as the HD version for the iPad as well an iPhone version.

MyMeetingPro mobile apps have been designed and developed through a partnership between the Center for Organizational Learning located in Dallas and Creative App Design, LLC in St. Louis. The Center for Organizational Learning is a training and development company specializing in leadership and employee development. Creative App Design specializes in developing mobile device apps that simplify business processes.

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Creative App Design (CAD), located in O’Fallon, MO and founded in 2010, specializes in designing and developing mobile device apps that simplify business processes. Current CAD apps include MyMeetingPro for iPhone and HD (iPad) Meeting Facilitator, MMP Cost – Meeting Calculator, Cost Plus – Meeting Calculator, and MMP Plan Meeting Organizer. CAD apps can be found on the iPad, iPhone/iPod touch and BlackBerry PlayBook. Copyright (C) 2011 Creative App Design. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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