Flick Golf Extreme! In Review – Golf! Reinvented! Supercharged!

Reviewing Flick Golf! (TMA Review) a few months ago I was absolutely thrilled by the new and original spin (pardon the pun) on the genre. Distilling the essence of one of the most aristocratic sports to a simple flick of the finger is pure genius. Well, Tiger Woods, it’s time to eat your golf club, as Flick Golf Extreme! takes the same unique gameplay and offers to go dunk the golf balls from helicopters and skyscrapers for the ultimate golf experience.

Flick Golf Extreme is far from being a classic sports game. Throwing away all of the tedious choosing of your golf club and carefully planning your shot, it centers instead on the flight itself. Of course the goal is still the same – get your ball in the hole. In one shot.

This is not as impossible as it may seem at first sight – even in flight you have control over the trajectory of the ball. This means that by carefully and precisely swiping across the screen you can fulfill the dream of any pro golfer and fine-tune the flight plan. In-flight movie not included though. And just be cautious of the wind as it may wreak havoc on the trajectory.

But all of this we have seen before in the original. Same with two of the game modes – Quickshot and Campaign, though the environments have changed quite a bit. Just to reiterate: in Quickshot you have a limited time to get as high a score as possible with each hole-in-one or even a bulls-eye granting you an extension of the deadline. In the campaign mode you have 9 shots with a change in location after each 3 with the same final goal. An additional mode is available, however, and a new one at that – 5 balls. Here you have only 5 balls and have the same goal: get as high a score as possible. But 5 balls does not actually mean 5 shots, as any ball sunk in the hole is retrieved to play again, and for a series of hole-in-ones you’ll get some extra balls as well.

The scenery has changed too; instead of traditional greens you’ll do the golfing on an aircraft carrier, top of a skyscraper, an oil rig in the middle of nowhere and a couple more places like that. Each level has a certain number of score levels, from bronze to something in purple. The latter is almost impossible to attain on some levels even by scoring all hole-in-ones. By the way if you do have more than 2 hole-in-ones in a row, you enter the burning ball mode, followed by a sparkling ball in case of a perfect strike. These special effects don’t actually influence the dynamics, but for some reason I found it more difficult to control the flight fine-tuning.

Visually Flick Golf Extreme looks gorgeous, especially on the Retina screen on my iPhone 4. The environment and effects are rich and alive, and the interface is simple and intuitive, with only a flick required to send the ball flying and simple swipes to control it. I would like to see some sensitivity controls though, as I felt sometimes the effect of the swipes was too strong.

Taking the action from the boring old golf field to places where no golfer has gone before Flick Golf Extreme offers basically the same unique gameplay of the original, but in a new and colourful wrapping. The variety of environments is refreshing if a bit limited and the added game mode is quite fun. In the end if you own Flick Golf! I can’t recommend picking up the Extreme version, as it is mostly more of the same and should probably have been simple IAP or even a free update. But if you’re fresh on the lookout for a fun and original golfing experience you certainly won’t go wrong with Flick Golf Extreme!

With this I declare Flick Golf Extreme! officially touched!
Grab It Rating - 4/5

App Summary
Title: Flick Golf Extreme! Developer: Full Fat
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.2 Min OS Req: 3.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 42.80MB
  • Still fun but already not-so-original gameplay
  • Extreme and beautiful environments
  • Addictive game modes
  • Limited amount of environments
  • More an addon than a true self-contained title


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