KittyPad Announces New SDK for App Developers

Beijing, China – KittyPad, a collaborative of developers and designers that has previously focuses on building educational applications for use on the iPhone and iPad, has released their new SDK that is geared toward both developers of educational applications for kids and general game developers. The SDK includes the tools for implementing health protection, subscriptions and exchange downloading.

The SDK is designed to help spread game awareness and increase downloads. The primary component is KittyPad’s group purchase/subscription service, which users can purchase via an In-App-Purchase. The subscription service also includes SDK for a health protection feature that is added to apps to prevent RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury). Developers will reap the benefit of offering a safer product to their users, featuring:

Group Purchase/Subscription: open to all developers in the Kitty Pad family. The monthly service will be obtained as In-app purchases and allow access to all apps in the KittyPad umbrella.

Exchange Download: cross promotion across other apps in the KittyPad SDK or just across your portfolio-you choose. Targeted users intuitively see links to your applications and can be linked to ITunes to download.

Data Reports: developers receive free periodic reports about your users: average age, sex ratio, and time played

Free Promotion: all applications will be promoted for free via recommendations on our website and within the in-app dashboard

The SDK is free and can be accessed by signing up on the KittyPad website.

KittyPad SDK
Developer Sign-Up

KittyPad is an iOS software development company based in Beijing, China. We write code for our own applications as well as develop SDK for other developers. Our primary focus is making devices such as the iPad and iPhone even more user-friendly through ventures such as protecting the health of users, setting up affordable application subscriptions, creating resources for application developers, designing our own educational applications, and making it easier for families to manage their devices. Copyright (C) 2011 KittyPad. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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