10 iPhone and iPad Apps Businesses Can’t Go Without

Whether you are an employee or business owner, having fast access to portable and reliable tools is a necessity when it comes to overall productivity. Utilizing iPhone and iPad business applications is an excellent way to manage and control your work and take advantage of the latest in wireless broadband technology. Because of the overabundance of iDevice apps available, choosing the right ones to have on hand can be a confusing process. Before getting lost in the world of business apps, try these 10 apps that every businessperson should have readily available in order to get the most out of their work.

10. Documents To Go® Premium 

Documents To Go Premium lets you create, view, and edit Word, Excel and powerpoint files like you would on your laptop or PC/Mac. It supports the ever popular Microsoft Office Suite (2007/2008/2010) and includes syncing capabilities with everything from documents on your computer (via free desktop apps for both Windows and Mac) to your Google Docs. A slightly cheaper version – Documents To Go® – Office Suite — is also available ($9.99 instead of $16.99), though the ability to edit PPT files is only found in the Premium app.

Documents To Go is a universal app that works on all iDevices.

Documents To Go® Premium - Office Suite DataViz, Documents To Go® Premium – Office Suite, 9.4 MB – $16.99

9. Skype

With Skype, you have the ability to make video calls and connect with your clientele or associates on another level. Being able to use the app on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks allows your business to stay in touch while on-the-go. With the recent release of Skype for iPad, you can finally carry out 2-way video chats with colleagues and clients on the iPad. And if you live in North America, a monthly $2.99 Skype subscription plan allows you to place unlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada.

Skype Skype Software, Skype, 16.9 MB – Free
Skype for iPad Skype Software, Skype for iPad, 16.3 MB – Free

8. Print Magic

Print Magic takes the hassle out of setting up wired connections on different printers. The ability to print out text, photos and documents directly from your iPhone or iPad via a Wi-Fi network on any printer is an excellent way to save time and be more productive. If only Apple’s AirPrint functionality worked on any printer on the market…

Print Magic Wellala, Inc., Print Magic, 2.6 MB – $2.99
Print Magic HD Wellala, Inc., Print Magic HD, 1.4 MB – $4.99

7. Todo

With Todo, task management is completed with ease and in productivity-friendly timing. Create multiple task lists and even implement David Allen’s GTD if you wish (tags and contexts are supported). Then sync your todos with Todo Online, iCal, Outlook and Toodledo to ensure that your data is always safe. The user-friendly interface is what makes this to-do app stand out, making it one of the more popular productivity apps on the App Store.

Todo Appigo, Todo (TMA Review), 5.7 MB – $4.99
Todo for iPad Appigo, Todo for iPad, 9.6 MB – $4.99

6. Keynote

Keynote is the “tap and touch” presentation creator developed (by Apple) exclusively for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app is great for creating presentations that are world-class and include charts, graphics, animations, and simple ways of presenting your data. It also allows for full-screen view for presenting on your iPad. Keynote may even acts as a remote control for your presentation via Wi-Fi using the Keynote Remote iPhone app.

Keynote is a universal app that works on all iDevices.

Keynote Apple, Keynote, 119 MB – $9.99

5. InerTrak

If you work on multiple projects, this app helps keep you up to date with progress and productivity. Record the amount of time you spend on projects throughout the day and even create a list of separate clients, each with optional hourly rates. This time-tracking tool helps to discover constraints in your everyday processes and is ideal for professionals who charge by the hour, like lawyers, web designers and contractors.

InerTrack is a universal app that works on all iDevices.

InerTrak Inertron Software, InerTrak, 1.0 MB – $4.99

4. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation for your iPhone/iPad is designed to quickly transcribe your message down on text or email through voice recognition at 5 times the speed of typing. Aside from using it for drafting up text messages, notes and quick emails, Dragon Dictation also allows users to update their Social Networking statuses (Facebooks and Twitter) directly from within the app. This is definitely one of the most productive apps you can have on your iPhone.

Dragon Dictation is a universal app that works on all iDevices.

Dragon Dictation Nuance Communications, Dragon Dictation, 5.40MB – Free

3. Converter

Converter allows you to instantly convert any measurement into over 200 different conversions at once (across 16 categories). You can find your intended conversion by simply scrolling down through the list. The interface is user friendly and finding that conversion is quick and painless, making this measurement converter one of the better ones around.

Converter is a universal app that works on all iDevices.

Converter - The Unit Converter UnitConvertr, Converter – The Unit Converter, 1.3 MB – $0.99

2. WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile works as the liaison for your iPhone and the hundreds of business cards many professionals will come across. Instead of holding on to business cards or punching the info into your phone manually, the app allows you to take a snapshot and save. It automatically reads the text on the card and converts the information into new contacts on your phone. WorldCard is certainly one of the best of its kind on the App Store and received a Kiss It (5/5) rating from TouchMyApps.

WorldCard Mobile - business card reader & business card scanner Penpower, WorldCard Mobile (TMA Review), 11.3 MB – $5.99

1. eWallet 

eWallet is an award winning app designed to let you virtually and securely store your passwords, credit-card information, bank accounts, and more. eWallet uses government-level security to ensure protection of your data. It also allows you to use your information securely on the web without worry about identity theft. A separate Windows or Mac can also be purchased, which can then be synced with the iDevice app. eWallet is another productivity app that scored a Kiss It rating.

eWallet - Secure Password Manager Ilium, eWallet – Secure Password Manager (TMA Review), 4.5 MB – $9.99

Having these 10 business apps on your iPhone and iPad will ensure that you are always staying productive and aren’t wasting your time and hard-earned money.


Blake Sanders is a writer of technical interests at Australian broadband comparison site Broadband Expert, specializing in wireless broadband, mobile phones, and the latest in internet provider news and information.

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