Find your way out of a room with Ellie – Help Me Out … Please

Nagoya, Japan – Ateam Inc., an experienced mobile game developer, has today announced the launch of Ellie – Help Me Out…Please for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Ellie is an exciting new “escape the room” themed puzzle game that throws players in front of a surveillance monitor and tasks them with aiding a young woman’s escape from a confined room where she’s being held captive. Already a major hit in Japan, this mentally engaging detective romp challenges players to do everything from sifting through clues that help create tools en route to aiding the game’s heroine escape to freedom! Ellie – Help Me Out…Please is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free in the Games category.

With a unique game structure and beautifully rendered artwork, Ellie is a horror puzzle game that takes many of its cues from Japanese horror titles. Once they get acquainted with the game’s story players are free to set about collecting clues, simultaneously uncovering the reason Ellie was kidnapped and figuring out possible ways for her to escape! Storyline by storyline and item by item players are sure to get caught up in the deep world of puzzles, mystery, fright, intrigue, and suspense that Ellie – Help Me Out…Please offers up.

Although this unique puzzling horror adventure is free to download players can always count on a bit of extra help whenever they’d like. If they ever get stuck, or simply get stumped at some point during Ellie’s campaign, users can easily buy a helpful hint straight from the game’s developers via in-app purchase. Each hint costs less than a dollar and is designed to help players get past even the hardest portions of the game with ease – and a little critical thinking. Meanwhile, for the more intensely engaged, an entire second campaign – complete with an all-new room to help Ellie escape from – is available for only $0.99 as well. Next time you have a minute when on the go, opt into a horrific good time with Ellie – Help Me Out…Please!

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Ateam Inc. is a fast growing technology company in Japan that focuses are various industries to use our expertise. Throughout the years we have created gaming entertainment on feature phones, smartphones, and Nintendo Wii. Our company also offers convenient web services throughout Japan such as a moving company web service and wedding planning web service that helps customers quickly find the best prices for their needs. Other successful business endeavors include creating personalization content for mobile devices (wallpapers and themes) and the creation/management of a mobile website for a local Japanese major leage baseball team. (C) Ateam Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Nintendo Wii is a registered trademark of Nintendo Co. Ltd. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

  • Camillao4o5

    you have to make her read the agenda and she will say that she has blower in her bag, tap on her bag and she will say i dont know the combo, so to know the combo you have to dig at where the mushrooms are and you will find something shining 3 short shines means 3, one long and 2 short shines mean 7, and a long pause and one shine means 1, but what i did was to go 001, 002, 100, 200, 101, 202 so once i found out my code was 372 i opened the bag and got the blower (optional to get her gym clothes as well) plug the blower on the outlet and heat up the secret message with it, ur welcome 😉

  • Camillao4o5

    all ellie games on each apple product have different codes, so you have to look at the message on the corner of the table, you will notice there are numbers like:
    5   6
    0   0
    1   2
    the 2 FIRST numbers are 5 and 6 for me, after that there is a poster or a paper on top of the desk, they have lines and numbers beside them, so since my numbers are 5 and 6 look for your number and it will show lines beside them, the short lines is the left drawer and the long lines is the center drawer like this:
    5: = == =
    6: = == ==
    which means my drawer combo is LCLLCC, ur welcome 😉

  • Camillao4o5

    i found out mine by going 001 002  003 and stuff, this is a much more easier way to find the combo, since it is very difficult to use the shining ring at the dirt, ur welcome 😉

  • Camillao4o5

    as i said on my last reply go 001 002 003, because it is very difficult to use the shining ring, plus EVERY ellie game have DIFFERENT codes so dint even think about going to yahoo answers and finding some random kids code thats not even yours, ur welcome 😉

  • Camillao4o5

    look at what i replied to Crzygrl_11 i showed how to do it

  • Elizabb

    i dont understand i got the ring and put it back what is next!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!

  • Elizabb

    when you open the drawer to the desk it you find a shovel thing and she says somthing is carved in the desk drawer and it says “M.onstar” shine the Mirrior on the star then there is a light on the wall and open it with the shovel thing:) i hope this helped btw to open the drawer CCCCLC Center and Left

  • Elizabb

     open the drawer CCCCLC (Center and Left)

  • Kaylachoco

    how do you get the mirror to the star?

  • sk8tergirl1002

    how do u get the emergency combo

  • Candygirl789924

    My drawer code is 530 630 whats my bag code?

  • Saturn

    What is the message carved into the wall above the bed?

  • Poyzon4Lyf

    Please help me out here guys. The code for the draw is 930 830 and everywhere I look the codes are different and dont work. Can somebody tell what the code is for 930 830?

  • Jenna (:

    My drawer code was 030830. What’s my ring code thing?

  • wolfspirit4 ever

    Left drawer center drawer like 3 times and left or what I did do the same steps again and again

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