Beyerdynamic T50p Manufaktur hitting the IFA; sporting sexy new leather

Beyerdynamic have been kicking out new products at what amounts to breakneck speed. Their new flagship 32Ω ultraportable headphone, T50p, was released last year has quickly developed a strong following among music lovers. At the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin, from September 2-7 of this year, Beyer will unveil the T50p Manufaktur, a customisable version of the T50p featuring hot colours and new materials. Their studio and professional line have offered Manufaktur options for years. (I’ve owned two Manufaktur DT880 headphones in my tenure as a music lover can say that without a doubt, Manufaktur is the way to go if you’ve got the wonga.)

No one has done this before; the T50p Manufaktur will be the first truly customisable headphone for portable music lovers. Now, I’m not holding my breath that Beyer will allow customers to choose Ω options, especially as the T50p is specifically targeted at portable music lovers who need sensitivity and isolation to hear the great Tesla acoustics.

Update: The standard T50p starts has an MSRP of 349$ US. The T50p Manufaktur will start at 420$ US.

Pics and press release after the gap:

Transmission type Wired
Headphone design (operating principle) Closed
Headphone impedance 32 ohms
Headphone frequency response 10 Hz – 23,000 Hz
Nominal sound pressure level 107 dB
Construction Supraaural (on-ear)
Cable & plug Straight connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & ¼“ adapter (6.35 mm)
Net weight without packaging 174 g

Press Release

Farmingdale, NY, July 2011: What do the glove-like softness of buckskin, elegant stainless steel and the exclusive natural material of Nanai have in common? Combined they become headphones that touch all the senses. Both the look and the feel of the new T 50 p Manufaktur from beyerdynamic are unique. So unique that each model is one of a kind: the Heilbronn-based audio specialist produces the mobile headphones customized to customer order in the in-house headphone manufacturing plant.

In the process, there is a wide selection of colour and material combinations to choose from. Ear cups in trendy colours from cream-white to mauve and brown to olive green can be combined with leather covers on the headbands and the ear conches. Perforated buckskin, for example, is a reminder of times when automobile drivers still wore racing gloves and lends the headphones a charming retro-look. Those who like it more extravagant choose the salmon leather model: the exclusive material Nanai is also used in the fashion industry and stands out due to its characteristic structure. Its production was developed centuries ago by the East Siberian Nanai people and until today works in harmony with nature: salmon leather is 100 percent chromium-free tanned and free from allergens.

As of September, sound aesthetes can configure and order their desired models online ( The tried-and-true Tesla Technology from beyerdynamic ensures acoustic quality. With its high level of efficiency, it even helps low-output MP3 players such as the iPhone or iPad achieve higher volumes and an amazing richness of details. There’s a good reason why the T 50 p series version was honoured with the sought-after EISA Award last year as European mobile headphones of the year 2010/2011. Like these headphones, the Manufaktur version is also manufactured by hand in Heilbronn. The T 50 p Manufaktur is “Made in Germany” to the core.

The T 50 p Manufaktur headphones will be displayed for the first time at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin from 2 to 7 September 2011, Hall 1.2, Stand 115.

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