The 7th Guest: Infection in Review – Kids, don’t try this at home!

The re-release of the classic adventure The 7th Guest (TMA Review) pleasantly surprised me about half-a-year ago, heralding the rebirth of Trilobyte Games. True to the minutest detail, the port nevertheless missed one of the most challenging puzzles due to the difficulty of adapting it to the small screen of the iPhone. Showered by fan requests however the developers decided instead to recreate the famous microscope puzzle from scratch and recently released it as a separate game for the iPad – The 7th Guest: Infection.

The 7th Guest: Infection is an original take on the classic board game – Reversi. You and your opponent control competing swarms of bacteria in an attempt to secure dominance over the playing field. The game itself as noted above is an excerpt from the classic PC adventure, but thankfully the mechanics do not really imply any storyline and you don’t have to own or even have played The 7th Guest to fully enjoy it.

The basic rules are simple:  the game starts with each player controlling a piece on the opposite sides of a square-shaped playing field. Each turn a single action can be taken, either adding a new piece to an empty square, adjacent to the one you own or moving an existing piece for 2 squares. If there are any enemy pieces in the squares adjacent to the one you placed/moved the bacteria to, they become yours as well. The game continues until one side completely eliminates the other or the board is full.

This seemingly simple and straightforward set of rules turns out to be extremely challenging, especially thanks to the excellent AI. Take care though, as even on the lowest difficulty level more times than I’d care to admit I lost miserably. The true joy, of course, is playing against a fellow human, where you have the option to gaze at his/her helpless eyes when to take over the last piece… or not. And as this played on the iPad, it’s perfectly suited for the board gaming experience. Sadly, if you fancy online play you’re out of luck though.

As Infection has been rebuilt from the ground up for the iPad, the graphics are eye-candy. It keeps the classic feel of the game, but the visuals have been updated for the 21st century. The controls are simple and intuitive and work perfectly, though it isn’t too much of a surprise. For those preferring to play with sound Infection will definitely be a treat with Stauf’s trademark taunts and an original soundtrack by MazeDude.

While some may complain that taking a single puzzle out of a classic game and releasing it on its own is a bit on the iffy side, few would having taken The 7th Guest: Infection  for a spin. The original take on the Reversi rules fully justify a standalone title and will provide ample enjoyment, whether you decide to face Stauf himself or go head-to-head with a friend. The only real downer of course is the absence of online multiplayer. But if you enjoy a good board game and/or working out your mind, Infection is definitely a title worth considering.

With this I declare The 7th Guest: Infection officially touched!

App Summary
Title: The 7th Guest: Infection Developer: Trilobyte Games, LLC.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 4.2
Price: $2.99 App Size: 17.20MB
  • Original easy-to-learn-difficult-to-master gameplay
  • Atmospheric graphics and audio
  • No online multiplayer


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