Facebook on iPad blocked, now acessible once again with FaceForward

Ah yes, so you may have heard that there’s a hidden native Facebook app for the iPad right within the iPhone version (rumor has it that this is the same dedicated iPad app that Facebook will be releasing in the near future). By simply changing the UIDeviceFamily value from 1 to 2 within the Facebook app directory using an SSH program like iPhone Explorer (iPad must be Jailbroken), users were able enjoy FB in its full 9.7″ glory. Sadly, Facebook quickly blocked access soon after this hack was discovered. The good news though is that thanks to jailbreak dev Chpwn, you can now go through the backdoor again and check out the Facebook iPad app for yourself. All you need to do is install FaceForward from Cydia and fire up FB once more. Easy, no?  Check out the video demo after the break.

[via 9to5mac]

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