Anuman’s $0.99 Weekend Sale

French publisher Anuman Interactive just launched their “Summer Discount Operation” and as part of the promo, some of their most popular games will be on sale for $0.99 over the weekend. Best known for their multipart point and click adventure titles, games like Dracula The Path of the Dragon HD – Part 1 (TMA Review) and Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 (TMA Preview) can now be had for a buck each. So essentially you can now pick up the entire set for $3. Pretty decent considering they’d have cost over $10 before the price drop. If you enjoy adventure games as well as HOGs (hidden object games), be sure to check out the entire list after the gap.

Anuman Sale

$0.99 Deals – iPhone/iPod Touch

$0.99 Deals – iPad

$0.99 Deals – Universal

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