Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount turns your iPhone into Nikon or Canon mirrorless camera

Photojojo’s new iPhone SLR Mount may just turn  your iPhone into the elusive (and rumoured) Canon/Nikon mirrorless camera system. It is a case, threaded filter ring, extension tube with aperture coupling and included Nikon or Canon mount. It is fair to guess that since the lenses share no electronic coupling with the iPhone itself, you’ll have to meter, guess at apertures, and experiment like the very oldest of days. Thankfully, you’ll have at least 8GB of space to do it with as the iPhone SLR Mount works with the iPhone 3G/3GS or iPhone 4. A tripod mount fits the butt of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3GS, but the weight of the entire unit with a lens might be a stretch for the Turtle Back (the threaded mount) unless you use a Voigtlander pancake.

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The mounts themselves are pretty dear, weighing in at 249,00$ for the iPhone 4 mount and 190,00$ for the iPhone 3G/3GS mount.

Which is cool if you’re an avid iPhoneographer that just has to attach your bulky SLR lenses to your iPhone. Photojojo tout manual controls and depth of focus as two endearing features of the SLR mount. I don’t blame them. Your electronic zooms will be as manual as the beautiful old Nikkors that still had depth of focus scales carved into their frames. It looks as if aperture adjustment can be done on the barrel for electronic lenses. As for depth of field, that tiny sensor in the iPhone should crop everything but the hazy bits right out at any aperture.

I’m not sure whether this is practical or not, but it sure is cool. Photojojo haven’t released hi-res JPEGs taken from the iPhone. I think we can all expect these glass adapters to perform well well below their SLR equivalents, but that isn’t the issue. I mean, you can attach you old Nikkor 28mm AiS lens to your freaking iPhone, not to mention all the third party lenses designed for Canon and Nikon mounts. Practical? Pshaaaw, who knows. Cool? Hell yes.

Photo sites are up in arms, panning everything scientifically, calling potential buyers ‘hipsters’; iPhone rumour sites are up in arms to show off their photography know how. And no one anywhere has the device to actually use. I’d say the iPhone SLR Mount is as polarising as Sigma’s SD1 announcement and subsequent 4x price rise.

From Photojojo’s website:

Ever since the iPhone camera was invented, it’s aspired to be what it simply never quite could be: a DSLR. Sure, apps have helped your camera phone inch forward with simulated focusing and faux filters.

Faux no more. The iPhone SLR Mount gives you the real thing. It’ll set your phone photos apart from everyone else’s on Instagram in an unprecedented way (#nofilter)!

This case-adapter combo lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 giving your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus.

Telephoto, wide angle, macro, or your fixed-fifty lenses all attach to this mount giving you a full range of lenses at your iPhone lovin’ fingertips. Heck, you could even throw on a Diana adapter!

Plus, you’ll be putting the SLR lenses you already have to use with the camera you always have with you — your phone.

Two loopholes on each end of the case let you tie on a camera strap, so you can hang it around your neck just like your real DSLR.

Now that your favorite camera has it all, what’re you going to do with your DSLR?

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