iPad 2 Display Dock – Apple Store Display Designed for Home Use

San Diego, California – newPCgadgets announces the availability of the new iPad 2 Display Dock. Have you ever wanted to display your iPad 2 and iPhone just like they do at the Apple Store? Well, now you can with the new iPad 2 Display Dock from newPCgadgets.

The new iPad2 Display Dock is designed from high-quality clear acrylic and matches the look and feel of the Apple iPad 2 Store display. This elegant base provides the optimum viewing angle for your iPad2 while also docking your iPhone (or iPod).

According to founder Michael Schriner, “We surveyed dozens of Southern California Apple Stores and discovered that customers were repeatedly asking to purchase the Apple iPad 2 display because they loved the look. It just made sense to produce them for resale.”

This is the ultimate charging base designed to give you the same high-tech look and feel Apple uses for their own displays.

Just like the Apple Store the iPad2 Display Dock is constructed of high quality hand polished clear acrylic. The base is recessed to hold the iPad2 in the landscape position. You can also dock your iPhone or iPod at the top of the base.

The iPad2 Display Dock is the perfect solution for combining your favorite Apple devices into one charging base. The elegant look of the Dock will compliment any office environment and make you the envy of all your friends.

Pricing and Availability:
The iPad2 Display Dock is available from the newPCgadgets website and retails for $74.95 (USD).

iPad Display Dock
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