Diversion in Review – A Name Never Said So Much

Few games are named as appropriately as Diversion.  You’ll flip through your library of games, stop on this one, then say to yourself, “am I really going to play THAT one again?”  Then you’ll load the game up, play it for half an hour or more and go “yeah, I really AM going to play that one again”.  It really is just another running game, but between new items being constantly added, the quest to gather gems, and the desire to grab three stars on every level, you’ll keep coming back for more.  Trust me – that’s what keeps happening to me.

As I said, Diversion is basically a running game.  You start off with a girl, though you can change your character to a boy if you’d like.  It really doesn’t affect the game any, because either way your goal is simply to collect as many gems and stars on each level as you can, and ultimately to make it to the finish of the level.  The only control you have over your character is the ability to jump and climb, which is both executed simply by tapping the screen.  Climbing even happens automatically most of the time, and you’ll know when you need to handle it yourself.

So what does the game itself consist of?  Well, there is a lot of running… and quite a bit of jumping as well.  Mostly though, the game is about timing.  Along the way there are plenty of obstacles – gaps in the path, bombs that explode if you run into them but not if you jump on them, spikes that kill you no matter how you hit them, and many other things that will impede your progress.  The trick comes in learning when exactly to jump to avoid / make use of the obstacles as well as collect any gems or stars that are coming up.  Besides just collecting things for the sake of it, you can buy outfits with gems and unlock them by collecting stars.  You also unlock outfits by passing certain levels.

That’s really all there is to the game.  Oddly enough, that’s been more than adequate to keep me entertained.  It’s always interesting seeing what wild fashion the next outfit is going to bring, and I really like the fact that new obstacles – or new ways of using obstacles –are introduced at least every other levels.  So far I’ve played 23 levels, and each one has felt new and different.  There are even times where the same level gets mixed up when you retry it.  I’m not sure what causes that to happen, but you can rest assured that if nothing else you’re always in for something new.

I don’t believe that everything has to be state of the art when it comes to visuals, and I appreciate the fact that even though the game is 3D, it doesn’t try to be the next Unreal.  The polygon count is somewhat low and the textures are simple, but it still looks really good.  There are some nice special effects like when you pick up a gem or unlock a new costume, and I love all the sculptures and stuff that are in the background.  It seems like a lot of times games like this skimp on sound effects, but that’s not the case with Diversion.  The robot sounds really cool, though sometimes I want to strangle the optimism out of him.  I am a bit disappointed in the music, which is pretty subdued to the point where at times you might not even realize it’s playing.  The music in world 2 is much better than world 1, however.

If you’ve been thinking to yourself “I don’t need another running game”, get Diversion anyway.  If you’ve never played a running game before, get Diversion.  It’s extremely fun and quite addictive.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to enjoy a running game that didn’t have enemies to shoot after playing the likes of Monster Dash and Air Supply, but Diversion has proved me wrong.  Way to suck away my life, you silly game…

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: Diversion Developer: Ezone.com
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 28.0 MB
  • Plays great
  • Looks great
  • Sounds great
  • Music a bit boring
  • Consumes large amounts of my time


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