Gobliins 2 in Review – Two heads are better than one!

Apparently quite satisfied with the performance of Gobliiins (TMA Review) on the App Store, DotEmu with the support of BulkyPix, have decided to go ahead and release the second part of the series, detailing the misadventures of the goblins. True to the spirit of the franchise, Gobliins 2 puts you in control of a duo of characters on a quest to solve devious riddles and rescue the prince.

Similar to part one of the series, Gobliins 2 is a puzzle-centric adventure based on the unique premise of using several (2 in this case) characters with unique skills to achieve the objective. The prince has been kidnapped and our daring duo of the well-mannered Fingus and the brave and daring, but somewhat rude Winkle, are sent to rescue Buffoon, the King’s son.

Despite the many similarities Gobliins 2 is significantly different from its predecessor in many ways. For one thing – both main characters can use items, though sometimes the interaction differs depending on who triggers the action. For example: while trying to use a glove to cover a snake with Fingus, this will only result in him being hammered, while Winkle will successfully complete the task. Also both characters can be given orders at the same time, making for some quite deviously timed puzzles. On the upside the frustrating life meter has been removed and you can safely explore the surroundings without fear of a gruesome demise. And there is quite a bit to explore, since the areas, though still limited, now consist of 3 to 5 freely available screens.

Gobliins 2 floods you with the experience of an early 90’s adventure, be it for better or for worse. As with the original many puzzles seem illogical for someone in a normal frame of mind. Coupled with very limited information given out on the environment, they will often nudge the player towards using the built-in hints to proceed. Thankfully they are helpful in about 99% of the time, though I remember a puzzle or two where even at full detail, it was still unclear on the correct course of action to move forward.

Graphically Gobliins 2 look nice, though it’s hard to expect high-res graphics from a port of a game two decades old. The interface elements however boast full Retina quality support, so that’s some relief. Apparently unable to make fully-touch controls work well with the old game mechanics, DotEmu have limited the user to touchpad-style cursor controls only. Nevertheless they usually work well and the added handy button on the top left does a nice job of switching the characters. I do have to note that it’s impossible to change goblins when they stand very close to each, which is at times rather frustrating.

In the end Gobliins 2 is a solid puzzle-centric adventure game featuring original game mechanics and wacky puzzles. Of course, it’s not perfect, lacking in more detailed environment descriptions and full-touch controls. A welcome improvement over the original, this timeless classic is sure to charm you into seeing the adventures of Winkle and Fingus to the very end. And the comprehensive built-in hints system makes it easy to recommend to both fans and newcomers to the genre seeking the thrills of the early 90’s.

With this I declare Gobliins 2 officially touched!

Grab It Rating - 4/5

App Summary
Title: Gobliins 2 Developer: Bulkypix
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 4.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 14.57MB
  • Original game mechanics
  • Memorable characters and setting
  • Devious puzzles
  • Touchpad-style controls
  • Some puzzles require seriously warped imagination
  • Poor descriptions of the environment


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