eNote Taker 1.0 for iPad – Low Cost, Handwriting App with PDF Annotation

Hong Kong – Time Base Technology today introduces eNote Taker 1.0 for iPad, their new productivity app that allows users to conveniently take handwritten notes on the iPad, and to annotate PDF documents. Whether taking quick or detailed notes, using a finger or stylus, the app provides ultra-smooth handwriting. eNote Taker includes the following features: five colors of ink, five thickness settings, highlighting, palm rest, pinch zoom in/out, unlimited notebooks, import/export, three kinds of paper, one tap navigation forward/backward, easy erase and undos, two finger drag, tap & hold repaginate, notebook library view, and high-resolution vector graphics.

The two most important features of eNote Taker are its smooth at any magnification vector graphics, and it ability, rare in such apps, to annotate and save edited PDF documents. When taking quick notes, the user may leave the tablet set at 100% magnification, where input is 1:1, and writing and drawing are saved in their actual size. For detailed notes, the user may increase the magnification to 200 or 300%, which allows letters written normally to appear much smaller when viewed at 100%. Because vector graphics do not use bitmaps (the actual 1:1 correspondence with the pixels of the touch screen), their shape vs. pixel description of handwriting is magnification and resolution independent. This kind of ultra-smooth graphics input is computationally intensive and more difficult to program, but functions flawlessly on the iPad running eNote Taker.

PDF, Portable Document Files, employ vector graphics to reproduce text, fonts, images, and drawings. An open standard since 2008 (it was formerly developed and licensed by Adobe), PDF documents have become ubiquitous, because they are both platform and resolution independent. A PDF document preserves all the unique fonts and graphics of the original document that may have been created in a specialized word processing or page layout application. However, very few PDF readers are also writers. Because of its complexity and independence from the app in which the document was created, the PDF standard does not easily accommodate editing, either textual or markup. eNote Taker is unusual in that it allows the user to make handwritten annotations of any kind to a PDF file, a great boon to those who regularly edit PDF manuscripts and other documents.

Each new collection of notes in eNote Taker is called a notebook, and appears as a spiral notebook in the My Notebooks library. The app functions in both portrait and landscape modes, and on launch the user may tap the My Notebooks button to view all their saved notes and select any notebook to open. eNote Taker includes one notebook with the app called, “Welcome to eNote Taker,” an eight-page manual, handwritten in the app itself. Simply designed and illustrated, the quick-start manual demonstrates the proper use and finished product of the app simultaneously.

“You can use the pinch to zoom gesture as usual,” is the first instruction, illustrated by a hand’s thumb and forefinger opening and closing. During zooming a small window opens that provides a readout of the percentage of zoom, which is continuously variable from 25% to 500%. “Tap and hold any page to rearrange,” shows how all the pages of a notebook appear in the retractable, scrolling thumbnail column along the left side of the screen. To repaginate or reorder any pages in a notebook the user can just tap and drag.

“Press Edit to enter edit mode,” and “Use two fingers to drag in edit mode,” explain the simple process of repositioning pages on the screen. The writer may scroll up and down the page using a single finger, move one page forward by tapping on the right side of the page, move one page backward by tapping on the left side of the page, and may drag the page horizontally using two fingers in edit mode. “Zoom in to write small print,” illustrates how writing at normal size at high magnification, produces small print when viewed at 100%.

Feature Highlights:
* Ultra-smooth handwriting, highlighting, and drawing using high-resolution vector graphics
* Take notes using a finger or an iPad stylus
* Works in both portrait and landscape orientations
* Continuously variable zoom from 25% to 500%
* Make quick notes at standard magnification, and detailed notes at high magnification
* Plain, ruled, and squared paper
* Pen, highlighter, and eraser tool
* Five colors of ink, and five thicknesses of stroke
* PDF annotation using pen or highlighter tool
* Save and/or export PDF files
* Unrestricted number of notebooks (memory dependent)
* Palm rest allows comfortable writing without moving the page
* Thumbnail column displays icon view of every page of a notebook
* Sketch, highlight, fill out forms, or sign documents using a single finger

Subsequent pages describe the operation of the eraser, pen tool, highlighter tool, color selector, and the pen & highlighter thickness selector. The settings icon allows the choice of off-white paper with no lines, grey horizontal lines, or grey squared (graph) lines. To rest their palm on the screen while writing, the app provides writers with a variable size palm pad. Finally, the manual gives simple instructions for importing documents via iTunes, and exporting documents (in PDF or eNote Taker format) via email or iTunes.

“eNote Taker allows for the smoothest of handwriting when taking quick notes, or detailed notes, and features the rare capability of writing directly on PDF documents,” stated company founder Steven Chan. “Using a finger or a stylus, the iPad makes an outstanding, portable, note-taking device.”

Language Support:
* US English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese

Device Requirements:
* iPad compatible
* iOS 4.0 or later
* 15 MB

Pricing and Availability:
eNote Taker 1.0 is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category. Review copies are available upon request.

eNote Taker 1.0
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Based in Hong Kong, Time Base Technology Limited was founded in 2008 by Steven Chan. The company specializes in iOS applications, and is committed to offering customers feature-filled apps at economical prices. Copyright (C) 2011 Time Base Technology Limited. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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