Evil Angry Planet in Review – That’s what Greenpeace has been warning us all along…

For years and years various conspiracy theorists have been theorizing about Earth having a soul, or Gaia as it is sometimes called. This soul, encompassing all life on the planet, is thought to be dormant, waking up only on extreme occasions to protect Earth from danger. It turns out they were not talking exactly about Earth. In the near future, mankind spreads across the nearby cosmos and finds a planet with a unique gas, allowing it to reach new heights in science and production. But the Evil Angry Planet is definitely not too happy about this.

Evil Angry Planet is rather a typical member of the open-map tower defense title. As noted in the preface, mankind is grabbing for wealth and power, not thinking much about the environment. But this time, the environment is not going to take this lying down, sending hordes of critters to drive the pesky invaders out.

Evil Angry Planet follows the classic traditions of many open-map TD games. Masses of enemies head towards your base from various spawn points and it’s up to you to keep them out – for as long as you can. Yep, you heard me, Evil Angry Planet doesn’t have any kind of a campaign or story mode, not even a simple wave limit on the levels. Instead each one is endless carnage, pure and simple.

The range of weapons to defend yourself with is definitely worth a special mention. All the armaments are grouped into 3 sections – towers, mines and support structures. The towers are more or less the usual kind – quick weak minigun, slow but powerful sniper, etc. It’s interesting to note that unlike many other games in the genre, the towers are quite specialized in a sense that each enemy is especially vulnerable to only one particular type. Each tower has 3 levels of upgrades, with a special effect boost unlocked once you reach full strength.

The support structures offer a boost tower, giving an extra edge to nearby defences, as well as a laser wall. Considering your towers don’t block the paths completely and can actually be destroyed by the enemy, it makes the walls more than useful. Finally the mines are just that extra help you may need in a pinch, with a manual or automatically triggered landmine and a very powerful airstrike beacon, bringing a rain of destruction on all nearby foes. Last but not least – there are gas vents scattered across the levels and if you manage to build a solid defence and a refinery over them – you’ll nab yourself an extra couple of credits each time you kill a bug.

The graphics, though nothing spectacular, are rather nice. The enemies strongly reminded me of characters from Pokemon and the towers are quite distinct. In addition to the over the top view, Evil Angry Planet provides a bird’s eye picture of the battlefield to help you keep track of what’s going on. Overall the interface is on the classic side, though I strongly missed the option to rotate the field in 3D view.

Evil Angry Planet doesn’t really bring anything new to the table of Tower Defense. Even less so, the complete lack of any story or campaign, or even a set limit to win a level makes playing it a bit pointless and unrewarding. That said though, if you’re a hardcore fan of the genre it might worth a look in case you’re craving to alleviate your TD itch. For everybody else, I would advise you check out some of the other more well established tower defense games on the App Store first.

With this I declare Evil Angry Planet officially touched!

Tap It Rating - 3/5

App Summary
Title: Evil Angry Planet Developer: Irate Games LLC
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 4.2
Price: $1.99 App Size: 64.93MB
  • Good selection of towers
  • Some original gameplay elements
  • Pokemons are coming!
  • No campaign or storyline, or even winning terms for the levels
  • No way to rotate the view
  • Gets boring really fast


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