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I think Where’s Waldo was probably the original hidden object game, except that you only had one object to find.  Since the developers labeled Time Geeks as a “seek & find” I was expecting something more like what you’d download from these bargain software internet web sites, but it turns out the game pays a nice homage to the spirit of Waldo instead.  In fact, I think it’s more fun than any Where’s Waldo type game I’ve played in the past.  Of course that could have a lot to do with the visuals, but that will come in due time.

In the main game you have 11 missions that will take you through many time periods.  In each mission you have a certain number of items to find, and you can earn 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on how quickly you find the item.  If you don’t earn at least one star you’ll have to find that object again, and if you don’t earn 3 stars you can keep playing an object until you do.  Once you complete a mission you’ll unlock the next mission, and you’ll also unlock stuff elsewhere in the game.  While you’re playing the missions you’ll also encounter mini-games like “find the monkey”, where you have to hit the monkey every time it appears while avoiding everything else.

In addition to the main mode (called History mode), there are several modes where you look for very specific things – in one mode you’re searching for worms, in another it’s Zoorgs, and in the third you’ll need to find the Time Geeks themselves.  There’s also an untimed mode where you’re just looking for random objects.  This mode is great because it gives you a chance to really study and appreciate the artwork.  Plus, you get to hear a wide variety of music (oddly enough, History Mode has no music).  There’s a mini-game room as well, and as you unlock each mini-game in history mode you can go to this option to play them over again.  Finally there’s the pixel editor, which gives you the chance to build six different islands you can then use as backdrops for actually finding items.  You can even post your creations on Facebook.

Navigation is pretty simple.  You just swipe to move the screen around and tap to select an item.  In a bold move, they even abandoned the de facto standard of pinch to zoom in and out, and instead use a little magnifying glass in the left corner of the screen.  The only issue I’ve really had is that from time to time I try and swipe the screen and it ends up registering like I tapped.  I’m not sure how – or if – that impacts any of the games, because usually it was a tap on something that wasn’t the item I was looking for.  Otherwise, there’s not really anything to complain about with the game play.  In fact, while I don’t normally go for the endless untimed modes, I played this game’s version, called “Find All!”, for quite some time before even delving into history mode.

Despite the simple yet satisfying game play, it was the visuals that stole the show.  The more advanced graphics become, the more impressed I get with artists that can do so much with an art style that’s decades old.  The visuals are bright and colorful, and even though everything is fairly small there is plenty of detail.  Often I can pick things out without having to even zoom in.  Still, it’s great to zoom in and scroll around and see all the wonderful tributes to popular geek culture.  The sound effects are nothing special, mostly comprised of noises for correctly and incorrectly selecting something.  The music varies greatly by song.  I think each time zone has its own tune, though I’m not completely sure.  By far my favorite is “Where Is Dave?”

I often don’t know what to expect out of the games I review, selecting them simply because either I’ve heard good things or the screen shots look cool or some shallow reason like that.  In the case of Time Geeks, what I ended up with was far more entertaining that what I would have ever imagined.  The quirky time travel concept, awesome pixel graphics and references to much of my childhood made this Where’s Waldo “clone” fun and relevant.  Until Marty McFly makes it to my iPod Touch, I’ll take the Time Geeks any day.

Kiss it Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: Time Geeks: Find All! Developer: Ivanovich
Reviewed Ver: 2.01 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 28.7 MB
  • Loads of fun
  • Incredible pixel art
  • Silly music
  • Lots of 80’s references
  • Nothing important


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