The JBnator Diaries – Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 4.3.1/4.3.2 via redsn0w [Tutorial]

The war is on! Thanks to the relentless efforts of the Dev-Team, along with the help of ion1c, an independent security expert, the jailbreaking tools for iOS 4.3.1 was recently released. And in our guide today I’m going to help you set free your iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 3G (except 8Gb)/4G and iPad.

Please note, iPad 2 is not supported! Also, I won’t be going into the details of creating custom firmware (for those upgrading a locked phone that need to preserve the old baseband).

So, if you’re looking for a straight-up jailbreak, let’s dive in!

Also of note, if you desire a clean device while keeping all of your saved games and other stuff, look out for an updated guide on backing up and restoring the info in the near future.

Our toolbox for today:

  • iPhone 3GS/4 or iPod Touch 3G/4G or iPad 1 with iOS 4.3.1/4.3.2
  • redsn0w 0.9.6rc14 – download at Dev-Team’s site – for Windows/Mac
  • Windows/Mac personal computer with the latest version of iTunes
  • The original Apple OS for your specific device – you can download it using iTunes or from the links below for version 4.3.1:

- iPhone 4
- iPhone 3GS
- iPad

Important: For the moment, there is NO unlock for iOS 4.3.1, so if you require one, stick to your current version or use PwnageTool 4.3 (Mac) or sn0wbreeze 2.5 (Windows) to create a custom firmware package for your iDevice with an old baseband (not covered in this tutorial).

Let’s get breaking out of jail!

1. Run iTunes, hold shift and click restore and browse to the OS file.This will take quite some time, so you can safely go and make yourself a spot of tea. After the process is over, you have a virgin iDevice running iOS 4.3.1 version

2. [Officially unlocked or original SIM card available iPhone only] Connect to iTunes and activate your iPhone

3. Run redsn0w (if you’re using Windows 7 make sure to run it in compatibility mode with Windows XP SP3 and as Administrator – configurable in file properties)

4. Click browse and select the downloaded firmware file for your iDevice

5. Wait until it checks the file and press Next

6. After redsn0w processes the iOS file you’ll be presented with a list of options. In our case leave the default settings (as in the screenshot) and press Next

7. Connect your iDevice (if it’s not connected) and power it down according to the instructions on-screen. Press Next.

8. Now we have to put it into DFU mode according to the instructions on-screen:

i) Hold the Power button until the iDevice shows the white Apple logo

ii) Now hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds

iii) Release the Power button while still holding the Home one until redsn0w springs to the next page

9. Behold the Dev-Team crazy pineapple logo on your iDevice while the magic is done

10. After a while your device will power down. If it doesn’t boot up automatically in 30 seconds or so don’t worry, just do it manually.

11. After the iDevice reboots, you’ll see the Cydia icon on the Springboard (note, it is on the second page if no apps were installed on the iDevice)

12. Set up a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. If you run into issues, try resetting network parameters (Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings) – that should fix the issue

13. Run Cydia and wait while it updates the file structure and exits automatically

14. Start up Cydia and update it completely. Reboot.

15. Start up Cydia again and install the afc2add daemon to provide for the various iPhone browsing apps

Hooray, hooray, you’re now the proud owner of a freshly jailbroken and upgraded iDevice running iOS 4.3.1/4.3.2, which is likely the final release before the big 5 hits this summer.

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