DataMan – Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag in Review – Take charge of your data – now with maps!

With those huge data caps in the US, it’s often easy to forget that users in other countries are often stuck with a measly allowance of 200 MB per month. And that for roughly $30 – not too shabby for the carriers eh? With such a plan, it’s vitally important not to go over the limit, as the surcharges can cost you an arm and/or leg. But there is no longer a need to fret with DataMan – Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag, an app that allows you not only to keep the data at bay, but to see where you’ve used it as well!

DataMan is quite a simple app at its core – it follows your daily usage of the internet in 10 minute increments and records a detailed picture of how much Wi-Fi and Cell data is used.

DataMan is simplistic itself, obviously targeted at the least amount of interaction required. You only have a couple tabs plus the settings one to deal with. One shows tactical information – how much data has been used today, while the other allows for strategic (historical) data in a variety of ways. You can view by day or week, or within a custom boundary of dates. Within each selection you can easily drill down to individual days and then down to individual measurements. And here, you can also check up on cell and Wi-Fi data separately and even see the associated geo-tag.

DataMan’s strong spot is not only in the historical data, which it collects by hanging in the background and checking up every ten minutes. You can also set daily, weekly and monthly caps, depending on the plan you use. So if the app detects you’re close to or over the limit, it will alert you of this, and you can then adjust your data usage accordingly.

DataMan’s interface is so close to Apple’s native look and feel that it could almost be just another entry in the settings app. You’ll have no problems configuring all the necessary parameters. And the historical info screens are almost a work of art, with the map display being especially worthy of mention – the overview of your daily/weekly spending on the map can offer interesting insights into how you use your iPhone in your day-to-day life.

In short, if you’re looking for an app to keep an eye on your data usage, you’ll struggle to find anything more comprehensive than DataMan. It provides both tactical and strategic info on your internet usage, along with handy notifications according to the caps you set, making sure that even if you go over, you know when and where you do it. The geotagging feature (along with map overview) is also a great feature for those who wish to track where exactly they’ve been consuming the data. One thing’s for certain: the price you pay for the app ($1.99 as of this review) will be a drop in the bucket when compared to the extra fees you’ll have to pay for going over your monthly limit.

With this I declare DataMan – Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag officially touched!

Grab It Rating - 4/5

App Summary
Title: DataMan – Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag Developer: XVision
Reviewed Ver: 3.1 Min OS Req: 4.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 0.33MB
  • Monitors data usage in the background
  • Detailed historical statistics
  • Configurable daily, weekly and monthly alerts
  • Excellent map overview of data usage
  • Requires you to remember to run it after reboot


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