Real Racing HD coming soon to your living room in 1080p

Firemint has announced today that the next major update for Real Racing HD will feature full 1080p  support on your big screen TV when paired with the iPad 2 and Apple Digital AV Adapter. This is first of the iOS and will certainly pave the way for other iPad 2 games to be played in full HD glory, right from the comforts of your living room.

The high-octane utopia of relaxing in your living room, iPad 2 as your steering wheel in hand and playing Real Racing 2 HD on your big screen in full 1080p is almost here! Get ready for a truly console-like racing experience, thanks to the astounding power and awesome capabilities of iPad 2.

With full support for high-definition, 1080p output – a first for any iOS game – in the next major update, Real Racing 2 HD will be the perfect title to see the full potential of Apple’s latest hardware.

Relish crisp, gorgeous graphics at full screen 1080p, running at rock-solid frame rates, with an unbeatable hands-on, precision control method that’ll have your console green with envy. Real time telemetry puts your iPad 2’s display to work while your big screen takes care of the track-side action.

No word on when the update drops, though we certainly hope it’s in the very near future. Check out the impressive 30fps Real Racing HD is able to achieve in 1080p below.

Real Racing HD Firemint Pty Ltd, Real Racing HD, 153 MB – $6.99

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