Soya Comics ~ Social RSS feed reader for all your favorite web comics in Review – A very limited RSS reader

How do most people start their day at the office? With a morning dose of coffee and check-up of their favourite news feeds, right? I don’t know about you but among mine is a daily dose of Dilbert. The mishaps of his office life that often dangerously remind me of my own experiences certainly give me a boost of optimism about the future. And this daily check-up has just got much easier with Soya Comics ~ Social RSS feed reader for all your favorite web comics.

Soya Comics is a rather straightforward app, designed specifically for checking out the latest issues of various web comics, distributed via RSS feeds. It allows you to both manually add an individual feed or select it from a crowd-sourced catalogue of feeds.

The catalogue is quite expansive and currently lists most of the well-known web comics out there. To help with the exploration aspect, Soya, in addition to the whole catalogue, offers a What’s New, Popular and Featured lists as well. And to avoid the necessity of digging through the whole catalogue each time you want to see an update to your favourites, you can bookmark them to a separate tab too, simplifying access to them.

The comic view is nothing fancy – just the latest post (strip) from the feed displayed with a handy couple of buttons to switch to the next/previous comic from the favourites. Unfortunately that’s it – there isn’t even an option to check out older issues of the comic or any manner of gesture controls (apart from traditional Pinch-to-zoom).

The interface of Soya is very basic, with no bells or whistles we’re often used to in many other iPhone apps. As I noted, there is but the most basic pinch-to-zoom gesture support and the tabs almost feel redundant. All in all the app feels thrown together from sample components with little thought gone into the interface design.

At the moment I can hardly find anything to recommend about Soya Comics. Apart from the built-in crowd sourced catalogue of web-comics, it’s little more than a common RSS reader, and limited to pictures with no way to view past posts at that. The Google Reader web-interface is much better in almost every way imaginable and it’s free. But I still have to give the developer the benefit of a doubt and admit that the basic idea is sound. With a cardinally redesigned interface  Soya Comics may still find a place in the heart of the web-comic fan in all of us.

With this I declare Soya Comics officially touched!

Slap It Rating - 2/5

App Summary
Title: Soya Comics Developer: dBelement, LLC
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 4.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.71MB
  • Crowd-sourced web-comic catalogue
  • Add your own feeds
  • Poorly designed interface
  • Not enough features to justify the price


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