A Clip A Day with My Daily Clip

So are you one of those movie buffs who love nothing more than finding flicks you may have completely missed out on in the past? If so, you may want to check out Sony’s Free My Daily Clip, a recently released universal app that brings you a new movie clip every day of the year. Aside from the specially selected movie scenes that run anywhere from 2-4 minutes long, the app also tests your knowledge with embedded trivia questions (1 per movie), as well as a link to iTunes should you wish to rent/buy the movie.

My Daily Clip is the ultimate daily companion for every movie fan. Receive a new movie clip on every day of the calendar year and search by special themes to unearth a classic scene, share a teary moment, or access action and adventure. My Daily Clip delivers perfectly edited and high quality video, served via adaptive streaming, to optimize the user viewing experience. Connect with Facebook to share clips with your friends, test your knowledge through embedded movie trivia, or purchase the feature-length movie directly from iTunes all from inside the beautifully designed iPhone and iPad application. You may not have time for a feature-length movie, but you always have time for a clip. My Daily Clip.

Since installing My Daily Clip on my iPad, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time browsing the daily titles available and trying my hand at the trivia questions. Heck, thanks to the app, I plan on watching Starship Troopers once again this weekend with my wife after catching the clip the other day. With such a wide range of movies featured, you’ll likely come across a good number that you’ll want to watch in the near future.

My Daily Clip Sony, My Daily Clip, 9.8 MB – Free

Press Release

Lets Movie Fans Discover New Films and Share Clips with Friends on Facebook

CULVER CITY, Calif., March 10, 2011 – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment today announced its My Daily Clip™App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is available on the App Store. The app brings users a library of thousands of films and serves up a new, high-quality movie clip every day.

The ultimate daily distraction for every movie fan, My Daily Clip users can turn otherwise wasted moments into the opportunity to discover or relive some of the greatest scenes in film, test their knowledge with trivia, share clips with friends via email or Facebook, and purchase full-length features directly on iTunes.

To optimize the viewing experience, this sleek and easy to use app adapts video quality to bandwidth and download speeds. Users receive a new movie scene on every day of the calendar year, and can search past clips by keyword or special themes. My Daily Clip draws from a library of thousands of films, including titles as diverse as Spider-Man, Bridge on the River Kwai, Superbad, Dr. Strangelove, Blackhawk Down, Ghostbusters, and many, many more.

“The My Daily Clip App is a great way to discover and share movies on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch,” said Rich Berger, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Digital Strategy and Operations at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “This app gives the best of both worlds – instant gratification on-the-go with clips, and an easy link to buy the film for viewing on the go, or at home.”

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