Epic War TD in Review – More of a tale than a legend…

It’s quite interesting to note the torrent of Tower Defense games that has been flooding the App Store for last year or so, is slowly but surely slowing down to a trickle. And more and more of the new releases try to do more to distinguish themselves from the crowd in one of the most populated genres. While some try to leverage famous franchises like Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (TMA Review) or The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense (TMA Review), others go for features like Sentinel 3: Homeworld (TMA Review) or Guns’n’Glory (TMA Review).The recently released Epic War TD is definitely one of the latter…

Epic War TD is a fixed-path tower defense title combining the classic genre basics with some neat new features. There’s no backstory as such, even the warring parties are not laid out. Despite this, the game offers a campaign consisting of about half-a-dozen levels, where you have to face both zerg-like hordes of aliens and the more traditional futuristic armies.

The mandatory campaign levels are the classic fixed path TD gameplay. Waves of enemies (depending on the difficulty level) try to reach the exit and you have to stop them. To do so you have 5 types of towers with upgradable characteristics. The towers differ in attack modes with each enemy being more vulnerable to some in the classic rock-scissors-paper mechanic. In a generous touch, the developers included a detailed table, blowing away the veil of secrecy on what does more damage to whom. And the towers themselves offer the ability to upgrade parameters individually, with a special ability unlocked after a certain number of upgrades has been done.

This basic model works very well with one caveat – I found the unupgraded towers far too weak. At the same time, on later levels even a fully upgraded tower does not do enough damage to the respective enemy to make enough of a dent, and you really do need an entire forrest of them just to survive. As such, it would certainly make the game more enjoyable if the developers were to tweak and balance out the characteristics of the towers.

A nice touch are the bonus levels, offering you a change in gameplay from TD to over-the-top castle defense. The aliens try to reach your base in the middle from all sides and you have to literally squish them with your fingers. This frantic action is made more difficult with different types of enemies, requiring you to switch modes to eliminate all. And if you manage to survive all, the remaining lives are added to the total you have left, which is nothing to scoff at since they do not recover between campaign levels.

The graphics in Epic War TD look great after the last update, bringing full Retina support to be enjoyed on my iPhone 4. All foes are carefully drawn and the special effects are rich with bits and pieces flying in all directions. The occasional splatter of blood you have to literally wipe off the screen with your finger brings an added feel of atmosphere.

Epic War TD is really a solid Tower Defence game. It doesn’t bring anything really new to the table, but if you’re a fan and are looking for something to keep you occupied, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. The rich graphics and original features are more than enough not to make Epic War feel like “just another TD”. But if you’re a newcomer to the genre and are looking for something really good, I would recommend you try out some of the more established TD games out there first.

With this I declare Epic War TD officially touched!

Tap It Rating - 3/5

App Summary
Title: Epic War TD Developer: AMT Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.1.3 Min OS Req: 4.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 70.49MB
  • Tower’s characteristics upgradable individually
  • Clear vulnerabilities
  • Rich detailed graphics
  • Bonus game modes
  • Only half-a-dozen main levels in the campaign
  • Nothing really original or outstanding


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