Halftone In Review – Finally A Comic-Sans Free Comic Style!

I’m a huge fan of iPhone photography. So much so, that I started my own photo blog just to show off pictures taken with my iPhone 4. As such, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting camera apps. And it is this very search that led me to my latest find – Halftone by Juicy Bits.

Not surprisingly, there are a great number of camera/photography apps available on the App Store today. They all offer their own tweaks, mods and various other photo editing capabilities. Halftone’s speciality revolves around adding an aged halftone-style printing effect to your images, giving them that vintage look. They also include templates for placing captions on your photos. Overall you have about 162 different combinations available to you (between fonts, paper type, layout etc), which allows for pretty decent customization options. That’s not even factoring in all the various font styles/sizes (some app exclusive) and “dots”.

Controls within the app are really easy to understand and they are pointed out every time the app launches (thanks to a handy intro graphic that pops up). To begin, simply tap the screen and choose whether you are taking a new picture, or pulling one from your existing library. For those opting to take a new photo from within the app, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve made sure all regular functions are available: front/rear cameras, flash, zoom and tap to focus. I’ve used apps in the past that didn’t allow all these standard features and it can get quite annoying, so it was nice not to be limited in that way.

Once you have your image, editing is really straight forward. Using the buttons along the bottom toolbar – the first Camera icon is of course for selecting your image – you can select your paper style, layout (with or without captions, which type, where) and finally, font style and size. To edit existing text, just tap the area on screen where it’s located and an editor will allow you to do just that. The settings menu (see screenshot above) lets you to tweak how the app handles your photos, as well as the “dot” size in the pic.

The simplicity and ease of use is what really stands out with Halftone. Getting the image to look the way you want can be achieved with several taps. Even brand new users will be able to jump right in thanks to the simple, yet informative intro “tutorial” page. As for the quality, the end result is a unique looking “comic book” style image that looks very nice. Once you are finished tweaking and editing your work, you can save the image (to camera roll), email it to a friend or share it via Facebook. I was a little surprised not to see Twitter as a sharing option, but it appears that this is coming via the next update. And as much as I like the styling effect offered in the app, it’s still somewhat light when it comes to variety. Although it offers many different layouts, Halftone essentially offers one “style”. If it really wants to compete with other premium camera/photo apps, it may need to give users even more styles to sink their teeth into.

Juicy Bits’ Halftone is fun and enjoyable to use, especially if you wish to add that vintage comic book flair to your photos. The pictures turned out great from my experience and creating them is a breeze. Aside from the fact that it could use even more variety in styling options and the current lack of Twitter support, you can’t really go wrong with this niche $0.99 photo app.

Grab It Rating - 4/5

App Summary
Title: Halftone Developer: Juicy Bits
Reviewed Ver: 1.2 Min OS Req: 3.2
Price: $0.99 App Size: 6.5Mb
  • Nice simple controls
  • Unique “comic book” style effect
  • Easy sharing
  • No Twitter support
  • Not a lot of variety (strictly 1 comic style)


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