10 App Store Games To Watch [March 7 – 13]

This week’s games to watch include a 2004 game of the year, a multiplayer dual stick shooter, and of course, some zombies.  First up is Painkiller Purgatory, an iOS port of a PC game that won some awards back in its day.  It sounds like the iOS port has some work before it’s ready to claim any mobile prizes, but that’s why it’s one to watch.  If games like Minigore and iDracula left you feeling a bit lonely you might want to sink your teeth into Raiding Company, the first iPad dual stick shooter to support 4 players simultaneously.  It may not have Lara Croft, but it sounds like some serious tomb raiding fun none the less.  And, for those of you that can’t get enough of the undead there’s Zombie Revolution, the game where the humans have gone to far and you have to lead your zombie hordes to victory by pushing the humans away.

Painkiller Purgatory – Painkiller was originally released in 2004, at which point it apparently won PC Games Magazine “Shooter Of The Year”.  Now the game has made its way to the iOS platform as Painkiller Purgatory, though word on the street has it that the transition might not have been completely painless.  It has all the makings of a hit 3D shooter: a deadly range of weaponry, giant boss battles, and a bleak atmosphere.  Unfortunately, it also sounds like it suffers from poor controls, serious bugs and the simple problem of being too short.  I’ll have the opportunity to check out Painkiller  myself here pretty soon so I can verify if the rumors are true or not, but in the mean time it seems like it’s still worth keeping tabs on.  If they can get the issues that have plagued the initial releases cleaned up, this could become one of the better horror themed 3D games out there.  Let’s hope that either the rumors aren’t accurate or that they put the time to add some polish to this game.  I’m not big on 3D affairs, but I’m really starting to get into the horror games.

Painkiller Purgatory Chillingo, Painkiller Purgatory, 62.2 MB – $1.99
Painkiller Purgatory HD Chillingo, Painkiller Purgatory HD, 60.8 MB – $2.99

Siege Towers For Two – The name cracks me up, because it sounds more like a valentine’s dinner at Medieval Times than a faced paced strategy game.  However, the premise is both simple and intriguing.  You play in a level that has randomly generated combinations of wood, spikes and cannons, and your job is to drag those parts to your side and build a taller tower than your opponent.  In two player mode you’ll share the device as you compete to see who is the better builder.  In addition to your opponent you’ll have gravity and a ticking clock to contend with.  When you’re not close to a friend you can play in training mode to hone your construction skills.

Siege Towers For Two Outer Court, Siege Towers For Two, 19.8 MB – Free

DJ Rivals – Are you ready for another rhythm tapping game?  I’m not so sure I am either, but it sounds like DJ Rivals puts a new spin on the genre.  The game sounds more like an RPG than anything, with quests to complete, bosses to defeat, and 50 moves to master.  You can play at real life locations around your neighborhood, and even challenge other players in location-based battles in order to earn in-game cash.  The game has 4 chapters tied together with humorous cinematics and has enough content to keep you busy for hours.  The game contains 10 hit songs (though which songs aren’t specified), and 50 items to collect.  And now comes my favorite line of the summary: the download is free!  You can try to get your groove on without shelling out a cent.

DJ Rivals Booyah, DJ Rivals, 42.5 MB – Free

Crime Files: The Templar Knight – This latest offering puts you in the shoes of either a teen investigator or a female police officer.  Your assignment is to discover who stole a Templar sword that went missing from a museum exhibit.  The game is presented as an old fashioned point and click adventure (or point and tap in the iOS world) with plenty of clues to gather and suspects to interrogate.  The story is told in 8 chapters and promises hours of investigative fun.  The artwork looks rather interesting; it almost has a bit of a Scanner Darkly feel to it.  Crime Files looks like it’s intended to be a series much like EA’s CAUSE OF DEATH, so it will be interesting to see where future installments take the investigators.

Crime Files: The Templar Knight Glu, Crime Files: The Templar Knight, 12.5 MB – $1.99

KartRider Rush – If you haven’t quite found the iOS Mario Kart clone for you, maybe this latest offering will do the trick.  This racing game from Nexon Mobile sports cute racers with super-deformed heads and allows you to practice on your own or compete head-to-head with more than other players.  Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like it’s compatible with the existing user base, which is a shame assuming the 200 million user claim is true.  Maybe that kind of interaction will come in an update.  There are two game play modes, one which rewards you for being the quickest and the other which encourages you to pick up items to mess with your enemies.  The game does require a 3GS or greater device to play on, and multiplayer only works on devices running iOS versions greater than 4.1.  The game is free, however, so if you want to chance compatibility risks you won’t be out any money.

KartRider Rush NEXON MOBILE, KartRider Rush, 41.7 MB – Free

Look Again! – Personally I’m not sure if I’m smart enough for this one or not, but it actually sounds cool.  Look Again is a matching game that’s different than the rest.  You get a pattern in the middle of the screen, and you have to select all the shapes around the border of the screen that are used to make up the shape in the middle.  There are 300 base shapes, and since the shapes in the middle are random combinations of base shapes, there is a whole lot of replayability to be had here.  The visuals are simple but effective, and the soundtrack is designed to keep up the suspense level (the timer helps there as well).  Look again has Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements, and I’d imagine the game is designed in such a way that new shape packs can easily be added either for free or through IAP.  If you’re looking for a different type of puzzle game, then Look Again.

Look Again! Smappsoft, Look Again!, 6.7 MB – $1.99

Golf Battle 3D – I’m not a good judge of golf games, but this one looks pretty sharp.  Since the game takes place over four continents there should be some pretty impressive landscapes throughout the courses.  The default character is Angus, but you can choose from any of 26 different personalities to play with.  As you play the game you earn gold coins which can be used to upgrade your avatar and your equipment.  It sounds like you have the ability to guide the ball in flight, so you know the game isn’t trying to attain complete realism, which is perfectly okay with me.  What’s really neat, though, is that you can play the game online against anyone else that owns it, regardless of whether they have an iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows 7 or Bada device.  Now that’s about as cross platform as you’re going to get in the mobile world.

Golf Battle 3D Imperial Game Studio, Golf Battle 3D, 27.6 MB – $2.99

KAMI RETRO – I’m not really sure what to say about this one, because the screen shots on iTunes are pretty awful, and the description is mostly just what other people think about it.  What I do know is that it seems to be getting a lot of positive buzz on the Twitter channels I follow, and there’s always room for another solid retro game in my iOS collection.  Kami Retro sounds like a puzzle game viewed from a platform style perspective, which can be quite entertaining.  You’ll have items such as springs, fans and cannons at your disposal, and your mission is to “rescue the troops”, whatever that means.  The game does have more than 60 stages to conquer, and if it follows suit with some of the more popular puzzle games on the market right now, there should be more levels added in subsequent updates.  If I’ve learned nothing else about Gamevil over time it’s that whether good or bad, their games are always worth checking out.


Raiding Company – Take Minigore, make it 4 player cooperative (or competitive) and place it in an Egyptian setting, and I think you’ve got Raiding Company covered.  Thing is, that sounds like a recipe for success to me.  You can play the game on your own if you really have to, but it sounds like the more folks you get involved, the more fun this is going to be.  The game has 5 different locales for your blasting pleasure: 4 separate looting missions and 1 endless survival mode.  Regardless of which mission you select you each pick which corner of the iPad is yours, you select a character to play, and then you come out weapons blazing.  Collecting loot allows you to upgrade your weapon, which in turn helps you fare better against the others playing.  Who will be the ultimate tomb raider?

Raiding Company Tuokio, Raiding Company, 45.5 MB – $0.99

Zombie Revolution – You had to figure I’d sneak in a zombie themed game if possible.  This time around you control a zombie army that must protect your town from being destroyed by the evil humans, who want to do grotesque things like plant flowers.  You can control 6 different types of zombies in your attempts to delete 4 devastating variants of human vermin.  All the while you need to rebuild your zombie town and bring it back to its former un-glory.  The game is free to download, and while there’s no explicit mention of it I’m guessing the full game can be purchased through IAP.  It sounds like Digital Chocolate has a good thing in the works here, so hopefully we’ll see more zombies, humans and towns added over time.

Zombie Revolution Digital Chocolate, Zombie Revolution, 40.4 MB – Free

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store.  As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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