Google’s Instant Preview arrives on iOS

Google’s Instant Preview feature, one that provides a quick graphic overview of the user’s search result with highlights of the most relevant sections, is now available on iOS (4.0+).

If you’re looking for a webpage that has both photos and descriptions, you can use Instant Previews to quickly identify these pages by navigating across the visual search results with a few swipes of your finger. Or perhaps you’re looking for an article, a step-by-step instructions list, or a product comparison chart—with Instant Previews, you can easily spot pages with the right content without having to navigate back and forth between websites and search results. And when the mobile version of a website is available, we’ll show you a preview of the mobile page.

Here’s how you use it on your iPhone:

To use Instant Previews on your mobile device, do a search on and tap on the magnifying glass next to any search result. A side-by-side comparison view of the webpage previews for the first page of search results will appear. When you find a result you like, tap on the preview to go straight to the website. It’s as easy as finding a recipe for poaching an egg.

Among Google’s new features that have been implemented recently on the iOS, this is one of the cooler ones. There’s just something really neat being able to searching the web via visual thumbnails. Check out the video demo after the gap.

[Google Mobile Blog]

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