ClusterPic, Real-Time Group Photo-Sharing, Launches on App Store

Sunnyvale, California – The Wertago Team, the award-winning mobile-app development team behind Wertago 4 Nightlife, today announced the release of ClusterPic on the iPhone App Store. ClusterPic joins the iPhone’s high-quality camera together with the fun of event photo-sharing to give people real-time access to all the photos being taken at an event.

ClusterPic, available for free on all Apple iOS devices, makes event photos taken within the app or uploaded from the iPhone’s gallery instantly available to all event invitees, enabling everyone to instantly enjoy all the photographs associated with the event.

That explains the ClusterPic motto, “Never miss a pic again.” The Wertago Team explains,

“Say you’re at a wedding, or a birthday party, or a rock concert, a college graduation, a music festival, or a house party. Everyone’s snapping pics with their iPhones now. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to access all those photos immediately?”

“Maybe someone caught the bride with icing on her nose. Or someone snapped a class photo when you weren’t blinking. That’s what ClusterPic is for!”

A test-user affirmed the value of ClusterPic, saying, “When you do group photos or event photos, there are a dozen different cameras being used, and you never get to see all the different perspectives and versions; but with ClusterPic, all the pics get aggregated so that everyone can see them immediately. I can see a lot of instances where my friends and I would all use ClusterPic together.”

A Wertago spokesperson noted that the team was pleasantly surprised by how quickly – within a week – Apple approved ClusterPic. “We’re happy with the quick turn-around because we’re really excited about ClusterPic. We used it ourselves on a week-long trip to Mammoth and Vegas and found it really useful. We’d love to see it used everywhere from birthday parties to wedding receptions to bar crawls to political demonstrations to big events like SXSW. You name the event, there’s a place for ClusterPic.”

In addition to the basic pic-sharing functionality, ClusterPic features Facebook sharing, in-app commenting and liking, and web access of event photos. “We really like the idea behind this app and wanted to put out a relatively polished product, including Facebook sharing and web access, right from the beginning. We have exciting improvements in the pipeline, too, but we felt the app was finally at a place where people could use it and really enjoy it.”

The Wertago spokesperson said that app reviews are welcome from any review sites and hinted that an Android version will be forthcoming if there is sufficient interest.

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The Wertago Team, formally known as Wertago LLC, is a four-person mobile-app development company that initially gained recognition in 2008 by winning a Grand Prize in Google’s Android Developer Challenge with its nightlifer-focused social-networking app Wertago 4 Nightlife, which launched on Android phones in October 2008 and on the iPhone in mid-2009. Copyright (C) 2011 The Wertago Team. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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