DashPad 2.0 released – Dashboard for the iPad

Buffalo, New York – You’ve got one of the greatest devices in the world at your fingertips is, why not make it fantastic? CodeKraken today is pleased to announce the release of DashPad 2.0, bringing even more functionality to the iPad user experience. Since the launch of iPad, one of the most requested upgrades has been the ability to run Dashboard, Apple’s widget app. And with all the screen real estate available on the iPad, who wouldn’t want to do just that? That’s where DashPad delivers. DashPad resembles the Dashboard interface, allowing you to run multiple widgets at once. It’s the multi-tasking iPad app you’ve dreamed of. Give it a spin, you can’t go wrong.

CodeKraken’s new and improved DashPad 2.0 delivers nine handy widgets in one Dashboard-like app, including a clock, calendar, calculator, unit converter, sticky note, Google search, Yellow Pages search, translator and weather widget.

Running in Mobile Safari exclusively on the iPad OS, DashPad brings multiple widgets to your iPad without jailbreaking or Apple approval. There are no crazy menus or confusing layouts; it’s clean, fast and easy to use. At only $9.99, we think you’ll find DashPad a useful addition to your already cool iPad.

Here are some common questions and answers concerning DashPad v2.

Q.) What platform does DashBoard run on?
A.) Exclusively on the iPad OS.

Q.) How much does DashPad cost?
A.) DashPad costs $9.99 through PayPal.

Q.) What widgets are included with DashPad? Can I add more myself?
A.) Currently, DashPad includes the following widgets:

* Clock
* Calendar
* Calculator
* Unit Converter
* Sticky Note
* Yellow Pages Search
* Google Search
* Weather
* Translator

You can’t add widgets yourself, not yet at least. We’re working on it. Get DashPad 2.0 now.

DashPad 2.0
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