Zombies Ala Mode in Review – They Want More Than Just Braaaaains…

A lot of people loved the game Scoops, and while I did find it amusing in small bursts, I was never really a fan.  Then along came Crawlspace Games, developer of the quirky clown assault game Knife Toss, and mixed a dash of time management and a whole heapin’ helping of zombies into the mix.  The result is an interesting and quite challenging game called Zombies Ala Mode.  Don’t let its cute exterior fool you, it dishes out the difficulty in all kinds of flavors.

Zombies Ala Mode has three game play modes, two of which are locked to start off.  In Career mode you’ll work your way up through several days of serving ice cream to “friendly” customers, trying to earn enough money to make it to the big time.  At most you’ll have two customers at a time, but as the days go on they’ll get more demanding, since your cones will be able to hold more scoops and the boss will begin introducing more flavors of ice cream.

You’ll move your zombie back and forth with the accelerometer to catch falling scoops of ice cream, and then move all the way to the left or right and tap to give the cone to the customer.  If you accidentally get the wrong scoop of ice cream you can tap it to remove it, but keep in mind that you can only remove the top scoop each time.

If a customer waits too long they’ll get mad and leave, and money will be deducted from your total.  You also won’t get a bonus if customers leave angry.  Occasionally smiley faces will drop that when caught will temporarily satiate an enraged customer, but the key it to serve them quickly.  As you earn money you’ll be able to shop for items that will both help you earn more tips and protect you from the debris that starts falling after the first few levels.

I haven’t unlocked survival mode yet, but I’m assuming it’s like Career mode except without the levels or shopping.  Bug Attack mode is a long version of a mini-game in Career mode where you simply protect the ice cream shop from hordes of insects.  As a mini-game it works okay, but as a full-fledged experience it is honestly kind of boring.

The graphics in Zombies Ala Mode are very nice.  Your zombie avatar looks cool, the boss is appropriately frumpy, and there are a nice variety of objects that get tossed at you.  There’s also a lot going on in the “background” at the top of the screen if you can actually spare a few moments to look at it.  The one thing I am a bit disappointed about is that you only see the arms of your customers.  One of the best parts of most time management games visually is watching the faces of your customers as they reacted to getting served – or not getting served.

The sounds suit the game quite well, whether it’s the grunts of the zombies or you getting boinked in the head with some random object.  There is even decent ambient noise to compliment all the commotion going on at the top of the screen.  The music all around is good, but I especially like the theme that plays while the main menu is up.  I had the game loaded and my headphones plugged in while I was working on something else on my computer, and I found myself tapping to the tune more than once.

Zombies Ala Mode is a refreshing take on both the object stacking and time management genres.  The zombie theme certainly didn’t hurt things either.  The visuals are slick, the atmosphere is lighthearted, and the songs are quite catchy.  My chief beefs are that some the levels are insanely difficult (I’d spend more time being knocked out than actually playing), and it’s annoying to have the extra game play modes locked at the beginning of the game.  Otherwise, this is a nice genre mashup that should appeal to a wide range of players.

App Summary
Title: Zombies Ala Modeâ„¢ Developer: Elevate Entertainment
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 51.7 MB
  • Great concept
  • Cool visuals
  • Nice music
  • Have to unlock game modes
  • Some levels too hectic


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