Todo in Review – Buy Milk… check; Take over world… pending

With the fast-paced business life of today, it’s often easy to forget the little things. And sometimes those things turn out not to be so little. Of course any sensible person knows the preferred way to keep track of all the stuff to do and remember is a post-it note on your desktop monitor. But this way, although awesome in many respects, presents an issue when you need to look up something while away from your desk. I know the obvious way out is to haul around your monitor with you, but a smart person would probably opt for something like Todo.

Todo is one of leading applications for task management on the iDevice, victim of many a rave review. And while for some, the idea of managing all tasks on a portable device like the iPhone may inspire dread of either losing it or possibly wasting hours with the virtual keyboard, the diverse syncing options of Todo will be there to relieve the stress.

Todo features various ways of handling your tasks. First of all, entering a new one is handy with a quick-add bar at the top, invaluable for those GTD followers (for those of you not familiar, that is David Allen’s infamous Getting Things Done methodology). This way it will be stored in your inbox and you can come back to it a later time to customize the options. And there is quite a lot to customize! It has all the traditional fields including the due date and time, configurable recurrence settings, priority, lists, contents, tags and alerts. Even more so, you can add custom tasks like checklists and projects, allowing nested subtasks or even preset a call or an e-mail to an iPhone contact.

The syncing options command attention as well. Along with the ubiquitous synchronization, the developers offer their own Todo Online cloud syncing (Mac-only for now) and web task management, as well as a desktop application for both Mac (iCal) and PC (Outlook) to sync task information over local Wi-Fi. I tried the and desktop app options and they work fine, though remember that for nested tasks you’ll need a premium Toodledo account.

Aside from the many features that’ll help you stay on top of a busy schedule, Todo’s user-friendly interface ties everything together in one neat package. It is amazingly sleek and manages to combine the look and feel of a native iOS app with rich visual cues, like customizable task striking, themed priority icons and some other minor but tasty effects. The only thing I really felt missing in Todo was a calendar view of the tasks, which would come very handy when planning out your next actions. And despite the trusty quick-add box at the top, GTD’ers should take into consideration that there is no way to mark the action required, apart from creating custom tags.

If all you’re looking for is a dedicated task manager, you’ll struggle to find one better than Appigo’s Todo. The superb interface is one of the best I’ve seen on the iDevice and all the necessary features are on board to provide for seamless tracking all of your tasks and activities, including various options of syncing the data with the cloud or your desktop computer. If what you’re looking for is something even more robust, able not only to keep the tasks in one place, but to show the calendar plans as well, I would go for something like Pocket Informant (Calendar & Tasks) (TMA Review) instead.

This is a review of Todo for the iPhone. Todo for iPad can be found here on the App Store.

With this I declare Todo officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Todo
Todo for iPad
Developer: Appigo
Reviewed Ver: 4.2.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $4.99 App Size: 5.68MB
  • Polished intuitive interface
  • Versatile syncing options
  • Task categorizing with tags, contexts and lists
  • Handy quick-adding tasks
  • No week/month view for tasks
  • No advanced GTD support


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