WorldCard Mobile – business card reader & business card scanner in Review – A business card organizer that fits right inside you iPhone

As a Customer Facing Project Manager I get to meet a lot of people. Whether this is a new client, someone I meet at a conference, or even an occasional acquaintance on a flight, every single person I meet can play a very significant part in my future career. After all, a business man’s strength is often defined by the extent of his network. And of course to this day the widely accepted way to exchange contact information is still the good old business card exchange. Then when all’s said and done, you’ll still have to spend precious time manually entering the information into your contact organizer of choice. But what if you could just snap a picture of the card and have it magically appear in your contacts? Now you can with WorldCard Mobile – business card reader & business card scanner.

WorldCard Mobile offers the unique opportunity to keep all of your business cards on you all the time. Just snap the card and after some clever mumbo-jumbo, it will appear both in the built-in virtual card holder and all nice and recognized in the contacts list. Now ain’t that a feat?

WorldCard Mobile makes turning the obsolete physical cards into easy-to-manage contacts easy, just like taking candy from a baby. It allows you either to snap a picture of a card from within the app itself, or take a previously made photo from the photo library. All of the processing is done inside the app, with no data sent to the developer’s servers. The quality is surprisingly solid, with an occasion I (that is a capital “i”) and l (that is a lowercase “L”) mixup. WorldCard does an excellent job of automatically assigning the information to the appropriate field on the contact. And if for some reason it is off track you can either adjust the field on the card and let it re-recognize the info, or simply correct it by fixing the typos in the contact section manually.

After all of the corrections are complete just hit export and the contact info will be saved with the card photo available as the contact picture. One issue I had was that you can’t select where the contact is saved and I had accidentally added some work contacts to my personal Gmail contact list instead of the Corporate Outlook one, before I noticed the default list selection in the iPhone’s core settings.

The standard version works with English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch languages with special versions available for many other ones as well, both separately (i.e. for the Russian version) and bundled (i.e. an Eastern Europe pack for Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak). And the English language is included in all of them. Why the devs couldn’t just make the various engines available as IAP is a mystery to me, so if you happen to communicate in a lot of languages, be prepared to have several icons on your iDevice. I have tried it with English, German and Spanish cards I had available on me and the performance was over 95% across the board.

In addition to the core business card OCR and export functionality, WorldCard has a couple more nifty features. One, often invaluable, is the option to parse an e-mail (or any other plain text) signature to fill out a contact. The other — in addition to exporting the data to the iPhone’s native contact list — WorldCard keeps its own copy, with a handy cover-flow like interface to browse your collection of business card, along with the plain old contact list.

In this day and age WorldCard Mobile offers an invaluable solution to anyone in the business of meeting a lot of people. It is quick, reliable and easy to use and is available in a variety of languages depending on your requirements. My only complaints are the inability to purchase new language packs via IAP and the somewhat slow focus, though that may be an issue with the camera rather than the app itself. Nevertheless, keeping all the contact information with you at all times without having to spend 30 minutes to manually type in the data is certainly a worthwhile investment for any businessman.

With this I declare WorldCard Mobile officially touched!

App Summary
Title: WorldCard Mobile – business card reader & business card scanner Developer: Penpower Technology Ltd.
Reviewed Ver: 3.1.2 Min OS Req: 3.1
Price: $5.99 App Size: 6.52MB
  • Excellent reliability
  • Export to iPhone contacts
  • Internal virtual cardholder
  • Wide selection of languages
  • E-mail signature parsing
  • Languages only available as separate apps, not IAP
  • Slow focus (possibly iPhone related)
  • No option to select the target contact list (account) for export


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