Official walkthrough for 7th Guest released on the App Store

When I reviewed the port of The 7th Guest, the legendary PC adventure, I noted that some of the puzzles there can be quite tricky. And that even despite the built-in hint system in the game. Apparently I was not the only one thinking this and due to popular demand Trilobyte released an official walkthrough app for this excellent game – The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets.

One might argue whether it is actually fair to charge an additional $0.99 for the information, already freely available on the internet for anyone who cares to look. But then again, those web-savvy people probably won’t buy this app. For those who are stuck, however, and don’t wish to burden themselves the Book of Secrets presents a great way out of the conundrum.

The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets Trilobyte, The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets, 11.10MB – $0.99

App Description

Welcome to the 7th Guest: Book of Secrets. An indispensable player guide to navigating the mansion and its many devilish puzzles. Stauf got you stuck? Want to make the taunts stop? Look no further. The Book of Secrets will help you out! Walk-throughs, hints and solutions for every puzzle in The 7th Guest plus some bonus music tracks! No “guest” should be caught without one. At least if you expect to get out alive.

“The 7th Guest iPhone game is awesome. And absurdly frustrating. Am apparently no smarter than I was at 10.”
– @land_the_plane

“Does anyone remember the computer game, 7th guest?! So creepy and awesome. @looooo3 and I were too dumb to complete the game.”
– @sparklystephiee

“Which way should I go now? :p I’m not getting far with the chess puzzle in 7th guest.”
– @ineedausername

“We’ve been staring at the frigging “letter can puzzle” in The 7th Guest for like an hour now and we’re honestly this close to snapping our respective iPads and iPhones over our knees at this point. … Wait, maybe if … no, that won’t work!”
– Justin McElroy, Joystiq

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