Massive Updates to Aralon and Rimelands

Yeah I know I’m a bit late to the punch but with everything that has happened the past few weeks I simply was buried under mountains of work and personal stuff. Nevertheless I decided that it was worth mentioning that two of the best RPGs of 2010 have recently received massive updates, adding among other things the long awaited universal support for Rimelands: Hammer of Thor (TMA Review) and some nifty features and updates for the nearest thing to Oblivion on the iPhone – Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD (TMA Review).

I previewed Rimelands and did quite a thorough review of Aralon during the last few months and can say that both are a definite must have for any RPG fan, so if for some reason you’ve been holding out, now is a good time as any to nab one (or both); the games will surely keep you occupied for the next little while.

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Crescent Moon Games, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor – $4.99
Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD Crescent Moon Games, Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD – $9.99

Full update details after the gap!

What’s New in Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

Universal (Retina and iPad)
* Native resolution support
* HD cutscenes
* HD environmental textures

Extra Content
* Available after completing the game
* Two new levels with unique textures
* Three new extremely challenging bosses
* Six new enemies
* New items

Balancing & Bug Fixes
* Ending cutscene now launches correctly
* Convoy level will not lock before completion
* Early enemies are easier, late enemies harder
* Some bosses are harder
* AI Improvements, enemies will retreat and heal
* Many crash fixes
* Tons of smaller bug fixes

What’s New in Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD

-New Ranger Ability: Summon Spirit Wolf companion
-Music volume control
-Loot All auto-closes the loot window
-Adjusted pricing for merchant shops
-Targeting tweaks and enhancements
-Npc’s will not re-spawn until you leave an area and return to it
-Confirmation dialog when overwriting save game
-Game Day/Hour included in save file description
-Improved performance across all devices

Coming Soon:
-New class: Paladin
-Enhanced GUI for iPad
-A few surprises!

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