Discover the life of the genius in Secrets of Da Vinci HD

As a big fan of adventure games it warms my heart to see a tiny trickle of new new titles turn into a steady stream, both from indie developers and more well-established companies. Coladia, developers of the superb Secret of the Lost Cavern, one of the best adventure games on the platform and responsible for Destination: Treasure Island HD, along with the soon to be released iPhone version of the adventure of Jim Hawkins after the famous novel, have just released Secrets of Da Vinci HD for the iPad — a title that presents a unique opportunity for gamers to dive into the world of the famous artist, philosopher and inventor, Da Vinci. You play the part of a young apprentice to one of Da Vinci’s students, sneaking into his mansion to study the inventions that still reside there. And all that is available at the low intro price of just $1.99! Full info and screens after the gap.

Secrets of Da Vinci HD Coladia, Secrets of Da Vinci HD, 871.08MB – $1.99

App Description

Launch price is $1.99 instead of $4.99, just for a few days.

Paris – 1522.
Valdo, an ambitious young apprentice working for Leonardo Da Vinci’s disciple, Francesco, is least happy when the scholar suddenly dismisses him. However, shortly afterwards, he receives a letter from a mysterious patron, asking him to locate one of the great master’s missing codices.

To gain access to Da Vinci’s last residence, the Manoir du Cloux near Ambroise, Valdo tells its new inhabitant, a courtesan by the name of Babou de la Bourdaisière, that he is Francesco Melzi’s apprentice and that he wishes to examine the inventions that still remain on the estate.

Under this cover, he starts to scour the estate: Babou’s bedroom, Leonardo’s workshop, the grounds, and dovecot, leaving no stone unturned. In the course of his investigations, he encounters a wide array of intriguing characters: Saturnin, a suspicious looking guardian, as well as the King of France himself.

To complete his mission, he has to solve a series of enigmas set by the great master himself. On the trail of the genious, Valdo is no more aware of the secrets he is about to unveil as the danger lurking in store for him.


– The first game game about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci giving players the opportunity to penetrate the hidden enigmas of his work.
– A fascinating quest full of risks, new developments and discoveries.
– Intuitive handling and interface.
– Dozens of puzzles and enigmas based on the artist’s major work: the Mona Lisa, the flying machine, the Battle of Anghiari, Saint John the Baptist.
– An exclusive partnership with the Clos Lucé, the last residence and now official museum of Da Vinci, a guarante of highly detailed historical respect.
– Graphics of stunning realism and beauty: the Clos Lucé perfectly modelled in 3D.
– Videos, voices and texts in english, french, spanish, german and italian languages.

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