Awesome Note (+Todo) for iPhone in Review – Awesomeness in a box

Awesome Note was released in September 2009 by mobile app developer BRID Works (if your playing at home, BRID stands for Brilliant Ideas). They compete in the very busy category of note taking apps but they do have a good one on their hands, as evidenced by its selection into Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame. Over my time as an iDevice user, I’ve used Evernote, Corkulous, PlainText NotePad Pro, Manage, and Note Recorder. But from my experience, Awesome Note definitely is the one that I use everyday.

There are 3 different versions of Awesome Note on the App Store: Awesome Note Lite, Awesome Note for iPhone/iPod Touch ($3.99) and Awesome Note for iPad ($4.99). The free lite version provides full functionality, but it only allows you to enter up to 10 notes, which is good enough for a test drive. This was the one I started with before deciding to pick up the full app. I actually only have the iPhone version, as I never pay a second time for the exact same app for the iPad. As an app developer myself, I feel that if someone buys a version of my iPhone app and I release the same app for the iPad, it really should be a free (universal) upgrade as there isn’t more functionality, just a larger screen.

There are many features available to the user on Awesome Note. At its heart, this great looking note app can perform all the basic features of note taking, such as categorization, to do lists, basic notes and calendar functions. Awesome Note also provides its users the ability to share notes via Bluetooth, backup to a desktop via wifi, link photos and map locations, provides push notification, email notes, and allow passcode locks for specific categories.

I generally use the app as a to do list, perform basic note taking, and set-up calendar reminders. The first thing that I did was set-up folders for what I needed to do most. I’ve got folders for our corporate needs, marketing, app development, app evaluation, etc.  I put my notes, to do lists, and calendar events around each of these topics. This keeps me organized and allows me to prioritize my various to do lists within a category.

For note taking, I love using the quick memo feature. When I’m at conferences or in meetings, it provides me with the ability to type in text or use the drawing feature to create super quick notes that I can revisit later. I can then save the post it as a note and then move it to a category later.

The feature that I use the most is the To Do list. I’ll set-up To Do list items within the various folders and then assign due dates on them, which effectively prioritizes my To Do list based on when items are due. I find this feature to be really useful in keeping me on track.

The last feature that is fairly new to Awesome Note and one I like is the Backup/Restore over Wifi. How it works is you select Backup from the settings menu and it will use your Wifi network to create a mini webpage. You then use the browser on your computer to type in the IP address of the backup file to download it. It is essentially the reverse for restoring the backup. While it does work (and it’s certainly nice to have as a feature), it is somewhat clunky as it’s a multi-step process.

Overall, Awesome Note is a well executed app. The interface and themes are some of the best for note taking apps for the iPhone. Note to mention that BRID continues to keep extending functionality via updates and takes user feedback into consideration for future development. While I continue to try out new productivity tools such as Priority Matrix and others, I do find myself coming back to Awesome Note time and time again for the simple fact that it’s a good product. Hopefully, the developers will continue to enhance the app with improved backup and recovery processes, automatic syncing between various installs of Awesome Note (iPhone to iPad), syncing notes and calendars with multiple users, and integration with various calendaring applications such as Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar.

So if you’re still searching for a note app that can do so much more than just take notes, I highly recommend you give Awesome Note a go. At the very least, pick up the free lite version and see for yourself why it’s been one of the most popular in the genre for the iPhone.


App Summary
Title: Awesome Note
Awesome Note for iPad
Developer: BRID
Reviewed Ver: 4.9.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $3.99/$4.99 App Size: Size: 22.0 MB
  • Easy to use
  • Nice visuals
  • Plenty of features
  • Developer listens to customer feedback
  • Doesn’t crash and is very stable
  • Clunky backup and recovery process
  • Can’t automatically sync between various installs of the apps
  • Must purchase separate iPhone and iPad versions
  • Fairly expensive in this category of applications


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