Freebies Roundup: Moonsters and more Free for Limited Time

Our Freebies Roundup is back and Moonsters, a fun and engaging physics-based puzzle game, is now free for a limited time. Eric reviewed it a while back and had this to say:

It seems that many of the most popular puzzle games involve bright, colorful characters in fun settings.  That’s perfectly fine by me, and Moonsters is no exception to the rule.  You play a trio of quirky aliens that are lost, hungry and just want to go home.  The game feels like something ripped from a Disney cartoon, yet it’s challenging enough to give even the seasoned puzzle gamers pause when trying to score four stars on a level…this is a nice solid puzzle game that deserves a place among the best in the genre.

Once you do give Moonsters a chance, you’ll find a surprisingly addictive game that’s hard to put down. Now that it is free, be sure to grab it for your app collection. Lots more Freebies can be found within, including Burger Queen, Doodle Fit and Knight Defense!


iPhone Screenshot 4

The Moonsters are coming to your iPhone. They’re cute, they’re hungry and they are stuck on this strange planet… Gather your friends, catch all the tofu and find your spaceship. A long way awaits you, and it’s full of beautiful vistas, moving platforms, shiny bubbles, bouncing mushrooms, floating islands and more!

Moonsters Ars Thanea, Moonsters (TMA Review), 45.3 MB – Free

Burger Queen

iPhone Screenshot 2

Burger Queen Features:
– 73 Game Levels, 5 Episodes and 7 Challenge Modes exist
– A simple hidden game exists
– Funny story-telling game
– Cartoon-based graphics
– Various types of funny customer characters appear
– Simulation-Strategy Dash Game
– Achievements and Ranking support

Burger Queen Crecat Soft, Burger Queen, 15.8 MB – Free

Knight Defense

iPhone Screenshot 5

Knight Defense offers you gaming like you’ve never seen before. You get action, strategy, glow graphics and lots of explosions altogether in one game. This is a bold, dynamic, addictive app and it is going to challenge your skills to the max. You’ve never seen the kind of action and game control that Knight Defense offers.

Knight Defense Milan Nikolic, Knight Defense, 32.9 MB – Free
Knight Defense HD Milan Nikolic, Knight Defense HD, 31.2 MB – Free

Liberty Wings

iPhone Screenshot 2

Take control of a World War II air fighter and fight your way through enemy lines in this action-packed shoot-em-up! Liberty Wings puts you in the role of an air officer from the US Navy during World War II, with the mission to hunt and take down all elements of the German Atom Bomb Project. Fly over the Arctic Circle, the Pacific Islands, Germany and much more, choose between 3 game modes and reach your objectives to save humanity from the Nuclear Menace!

Liberty Wings Digital Reality, Liberty Wings, 57.7 MB – Free

Doodle Fit

iPhone Screenshot 2

Your task is simple: fit the given set of blocks into given shapes. Drag the blocks inside and outside in search for the layout that covers the whole shape. A level is complete when all blocks have been used and there’s no more free space in the shape.


Once you start playing you won’t be able to stop!

Doodle Fit Gamelion Studios, Doodle Fit, Size: 10.5 MB – Free

Death Knight

iPhone Screenshot 2

✓ 5 unique WEAPON classes w/ SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES
✓ 6 distinct WEAPON grades w/ VISIBLE DIFFERENCES
✓ SWEET music + sound FX
✓ 77 LEVELS of epic ACTION

Death Knight Triniti Interactive Limited, Death Knight, 18.2 MB – Free

Brutal Fantasy – The Orcs of Undermountain

iPhone Screenshot 1

Follow the lone “Knight of the Blue Guard” as he surrenders his soul to darkness in order to protect his land from the savage orc uprising.

** An unforgettable action packed RPG/Beat-em-up hybrid.
** Dozens of unique weapons that enhance your stats such as the “Fire Starter” dagger and the “Ice Queen” sword.
** Collect unique items such as vampire skulls, lich dolls, and magical tomes to enhance your stats, magic skills and other perks.

Brutal Fantasy - The Orcs of Undermountain Iskandar, Brutal Fantasy, 132 MB – Free

Qbism HD

iPhone Screenshot 5

Qbism HD is a unique and challenging 3D puzzle game like no other!
Slide the cubes into the outline to solve the puzzle. Sound simple enough? It is, so we added a 3rd dimension. Now the challenge is on! Challenge your perception and solve Qbism HD!

Qbism HD Blowfish Studios, Qbism HD, 24.0 MB – Free

Buster Red

iPhone Screenshot 1

– 30 unique and challenging levels and boss rush
– 5 playable ships
– auto-save for on the go gaming
– addictive and frantic ‘pick-up and play’ gameplay
– stylized graphics

Buster Red Iskandar, Inc., Buster Red, 15.5 MB – Free

Jungle Crash Land

iPhone Screenshot 1

EMERGENCY! You’re running out of fuel in the midst of the jungle! Use your rockets to CLEAR THE RUNWAY of obstacles before you touch ground. This is the HEAVILY upgraded iDevice version of Donut Games’ classic web game. Bombing has never been this fun!

Jungle Crash Land Donut Games, Jungle Crash Land, 5.6 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Battlespell is a duel-card game based in a fantasy world. You choose your own Kingdom, the deck to play with and a personal Hero. You can win by getting your Hero’s Energy to 100 or by smashing your opponent’s Energy to0. Each Hero has his resources to fight with – mine, magic and camp, which bring you respectively gold, manna and recruits. The Heroes also have unique skills which they can use once per match.

BattleSpell Mobile Systems, BattleSpell, 16.7 MB – Free

Disc Pool

iPhone Screenshot 2

Disc Pool is the Miniclip hit game by Raketspel. This casual pool-style game will give you hours of fun and exiting gameplay.

The game features:

– Disc Pool multiplayer with Game Center. Challenge everyone!
– Leaderboards and Achievements!
– Disc Pool School – over 100 tricky puzzle waiting to be solved

Disc Pool, Disc Pool, 3.6 MB – Free

Converter Touch HD ~ Fastest Unit Converter

iPad Screenshot 1

The fastest unit converter comes to the iPad with more categories and units!

Converter Touch HD is an innovative unit converter which makes converting drag-and-drop simple.Ever feel frustrated when trying to find unit A and unit B in a looong scrolling list? Start using Converter Touch HD on your iPad and you’ll see just how efficient you can be with unit conversion.

Converter Touch HD ~ Fastest Unit Converter HandyPadSoft, Converter Touch HD ~ Fastest Unit Converter – Free

700 Solitaire Games for iPad

iPad Screenshot 1

Are you looking for an awesome Solitaire cards game collection for your iPad? If so, this application is for you. Solitaire on the iPad has never been so exciting. Get Solitaire Mania Pro today and join the fun!

700 Solitaire Games for iPad Pavel Buchelski, 700 Solitaire Games for iPad, 7.3 MB – Free

Real Skijump HD

iPhone Screenshot 1

Free for limited time! Celebration of Prope’s new title announce “RODEA”
The popular winter event, “Ski Jumping”, now on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!
Ski jumping brought to life! Ski jumping that’s ultra-realistic.
Hold the device and jump as if you were actually doing a ski jump event. Compete for the longest jump distance.

Real Skijump HD PROPE, Real Skijump HD, 47.9 MB – Free

Mighty Clock

iPhone Screenshot 5

Mighty Clock transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a brilliant digital alarm clock. Packed with useful features, Mighty Clock kicks your old alarm clock to the curb. Music alarm. Day and night modes. GPS weather. Flashlight. Soundscapes. Unlimited alarms. Custom snooze. Awesome style with large format numbers in six vivid colors. Perfect for home, travel and at the office, Mighty Clock is the best alarm clock you can fit in your pocket. Rests on your night stand and makes an ideal speaker dock companion. It’s about time.

Mighty Clock Electric French Fries, Mighty Clock, 32.6 MB – Free

Charge Alert

iPhone Screenshot 2

Charge Alert speaks your battery level. Automatic notifications let you focus on other things and alert you the instant your battery is charged. Turn on notifications to get battery alerts while you’re playing games, listening to music or using other apps. This handy app also estimates how long your next charge will take.

Charge Alert Electric French Fries, Charge Alert, 11.6 MB – Free

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