New iPhone App could save learner drivers millions of pounds

It’s official – the UK’s driving Theory Test is getting tougher, with the lowest pass mark in five years. Learner car drivers who fail are wasting around £16.7 MILLION a year on extra tests, costing £31 a time.

Learner drivers must pass their Theory Test before they can attempt the Practical Driving Test and earn their full driving licence. There are two parts to the test; a multiple choice module containing case studies and a Hazard Perception module where learners must detect developing hazards in video clips.

Focus Multimedia, a leading publisher of revision aids for learner drivers, conducted its research using official Government documents from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Focus found that:

  • Around 1.5 million car Theory Tests were attempted in 2009/10. *
  • Almost 4 in 10 tests (36%) resulted in a fail – an annual increase of 1% and the lowest pass rate on record since 2004/05.

Although 17-year-olds are statistically more likely to pass their Practical Driving Test first time than any other age group, they’re not in the driver’s seat when it comes to success in the Theory Test. Focus found that 21 to 30-year-olds are statistically more likely to pass the Theory Test than any other age group. **

Focus Multimedia’s findings prove there is a pressing need for learner drivers to study every one of the 960+ questions they could be asked in their Theory Test.

“Preparation is the key, and if you spend enough time revising from a trusted study aid then you will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to pass your Theory Test first time,” explained Grant Hughes, Business Development Director for Focus Multimedia.

He added: “If you haven’t put in hours of practice using a reliable resource then you’re throwing your Theory Test fee down the drain. It seems crazy to waste £31 of your hard-earned money when you can now buy a high quality Theory Test revision aid for less than £2.”

Focus Multimedia today unveiled two new Apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; Theory Test – Driving Test Success and Hazard Perception – Driving Test Success. Available to buy now from the App Store, they cover both parts of the UK Theory Test and allow learners to study on the go.

Theory Test – Driving Test Success contains every question and answer from the official DSA question bank. With a modern interface, easy to understand explanations, practice sessions, a progress monitor and the official DSA sample case study, it’s a highly effective way of preparing for the multiple choice element of the Theory Test.

Hazard Perception – Driving Test Success prepares learners for part two of their Theory Test. Simulating the official DSA Hazard Perception Test, this App helps learners gain the confidence and experience they need to pass first time. The App is also suitable for motorcyclists, driving instructors and bus and lorry drivers.

The Driving Test Success Apps have been produced for Focus Multimedia by Appyness Ltd. They are available now on the App Store with a suggested retail price of £1.79 each including VAT. Simply search for “Driving Test Success”.

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