iBallz Lid and Hard Case In Review – ‘Cuz Sometimes Your iBallz Need Protection Too!

The iBallz Eye Lid Case

Just recently, I reviewed a great protective device for your iPad called iBallz. Not only is their design amazingly innovative, but they also provide for a surprising amount of protection for the magical tablet. Today I’ll be taking a look at a couple cases that are designed to work with AND without your iBallz: the iBallz Lid and iBallz Hard Case.

First up is the Lid. Think of it like a fuzzy protective gift wrap. The sleeve has a vinyl material on the exterior, lined with a soft plush surface on the inside to prevent possible scratching.

iBallz Lid Case

To use it, simply lay the device in the middle, slide the 2 side flaps between the iPad and the elastic iBallz rope. Then fold it all inwards (just like wrapping paper!). Once done up, your iPad will have double protection with the iBallz preventing possible damage from drops and the sleeve keeping scratches and other hazards at bay. Not content with just being a protective cover, there are a couple other ways you can use the sleeve that I think are just genius. First off, start by wrapping the device in the opposite direction that I just described. What this does is it creates an opening on the backside and you can slide your arm through to better grip your iPad. This can be handy for everything from gaming to reading, even typing. The steadiness provided by resting the device on your entire forearm is great.

The second method is even easier to do and just as useful. By flipping the flaps behind the iPad into a stand like formation (see image above), you’ll have a perfectly tilted display for watching movies, TV shows or any other desired tasks without having to hold it. Both of those aforementioned features, along with the fact that it does shield and protect your iPad make this a handy accessory to the iBallz.

iBalls Hard Card

Unlike the iBallz Lid, the Hard Case is essentially a molded sleeve and is unique in that it works with OR without the iBallz. It’s got a sturdy outer shell and the same soft “iBallz blue” inner lining as the sleeve. For those with iBallz, there are half circles carved into all the corners so that the case will fit around them perfectly. For those without, there is a strap that your iPad will fit into and will hold it snug inside the case. I tend to carry around a duffle bag and the Hard Case kept my iPad perfectly safe while on the go. Test drops in both scenarios (with or without iBallz) performed as expected and resulted in no damage to the case or iPad. Now using both the iBallz and Hard Case together, I felt it provided more protection (and peace of mind) than some of my other cases that cost 2-3 times as much.

Strap to hold iPad for those without iBallz

Overall, I’ve enjoyed using both cases and they each bring something different to the table. Those who already love using their iBallz will find that they’re great complimentary additions for your iPad. The only problem I have is that as a secondary accessory (they are primarily designed to work with the iBallz after all), the prices are a little more than I like to see (both the iBallz and a combo of these cases will run you between $50-$55). That being said though, the Lid and Hard Case are both well designed and provide more than adequate protection for your beloved device. For existing iBallz users, I’d definitely recommend you pick up at least one that suits your tastes.

Product: iBallz EyeLid Manufacturer: Friendly Integration
Price: $29.95
  • Slips easily around iBallz
  • Adds great dust/dirt protection
  • Clean & simple design
  • Price a little high for a secondary accessory


Product: iBallz Hard Case Manufacturer: Friendly Integration
Price: $34.95
  • Works both with AND without iBallz
  • Offers great added protection
  • Easy to use/Handy wrist strap
  • Durable outer design
  • Price a little high for a secondary accessory


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