Google Adds Interactive Weather Widget to Mobile Safari

Google has implemented a neat little weather widget to their mobile search pages and it’s actually good enough that I can see people using it rather than dedicated weather apps (at the very least, replacing the default one on iOS). From the Google Team:

We’d been wanting to build a fun, useful, app-like way to display weather information on our search results pages in the mobile browser. So we pulled together a user experience designer and team of engineers and built a new weather search results snippet that lets you actually play with the results. To try it out, just go to on your iPhone or Android-powered device and search for ‘weather’.

Once you search for “weather” on with Mobile Safari (or any other 3rd party browser on iDevice), you can use the “My Location” feature or manually enter the city. The unique aspect of this new widget is that users can move the slider over the next 12 hours to see the change in weather conditions. If you do wish to start making use of this new feature, you can add this search page to your home screen (as an app icon) for quick access. To do this, tap on the action arrow icon in Safari (a ‘+’ sign on pre-iOS 4.2) and select “Add to Home Screen”. Now every time you tap on this “web app”, the browser will open up to your location’s weather. As well, you can create a “Weather” folder in your mobile Safari bookmarks and add different cities you wish to keep track of.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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