Color in the girl of your dreams with 3D Coloring Book: Fantasy Girls

Vancouver, British Columbia – ComboApp, a leading publisher of mobile learning applications, has announced the launch of 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Fantasy Girls. This engaging digital art utility is optimized for use on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and developed to provide leisurely yet engagingly spicy art based entertainment. Structured as a cheeky 3D coloring tool, Fantasy Girls offers users the ability to color in three dimensional outlines of cute and exotic girl characters that range anywhere from fairies to warriors. The app allows users to rotate and move original content that they can then fill in with the colors of their choice. This adds a creative facet that is absent in other conventional drawing and coloring apps currently available on the market. Presenting users with a perfect way to entertain themselves in a way that is both artistic and imaginative, Fantasy Girls is now available on the Apple App Store.

The perfect way to enjoy a quick escape or distraction from the day, 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Fantasy Girls affords users freedom to create their own unique cartoon girls within an open three dimensional virtual environment. Meanwhile, pre-drawn 3D girl outlines ensure that even the most inexperienced of aspiring digital artists can effectively create fluid and beautiful fantasy girl illustrations. To add to the fun, as users color in various portions of the app’s characters, changing hues and shading effects are automatically added to create a genuinely realistic three dimensional appearance.

With a remarkably diverse and useful set of features, Fantasy Girls maximizes the freedom with which users can go about coloring in the virtual damsels of their choice, whether they are angels, peasants, or warriors. The app also gives users the ability to insert some animation to their newly drawn whimsical cartoon ladies. Users are also able to save artwork directly within the application itself. The newest addition to ComboApp’s library of 3D coloring apps, Fantasy Girls offers both the creative power and usability to provide users with an endless source of sultry yet innocent artistic entertainment.

3D Coloring Book for Kids: Fantasy Girls
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