White iPhone 4 available sooner than later?

It seems like the long wait for the much anticipated white iPhone 4 is finally over. Or is it? The online rumor mills certainly believe so. One of them, MacRumors recently reported that the immaculate-colored hardware is not included in the database of consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy. And they even have the screenshots to prove it. The model name and SKU posted on the Best Buy screenshot are also the same ones “cancelled” by Apple last year shortly before the latter went on to announce that the white iPhone is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release.

Still, there was another recent sighting of the white iPhone 4 model, this time in Vodafone’s inventory system as recently reported by Engadget. Despite this, many are not holding their breath about this development as Apple is not known to release products well ahead of their scheduled release.

Since the original black iPhone 4 first hit the shelves back in June of last year, there has been a strong clamor for a white version. Apple confirmed that there is such a model but delayed its release, first by a month, then by the end of the year and then by this spring.

The demand for what is shaping up to be the holy grail of mobile phones is quite high that third party companies like the UK-based WhiteiPhone4Me.com has come up with hardware solutions that allows owners of black iPhone 4 to give their smartphones the desired facelift thanks to white iPhone conversion kits that they can assemble on their own (sites like whiteiPhone4Now, one started by a 17 year old high school senior, has since been shut down). Many, in fact, have opted to take this option. For other customers, however, there’s nothing like the real thing though. And the wait continues…

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