Sysios releases Mussedo a time-oriented todo and event manager for iOS

St. Petersburg, Florida – Sysios and lead developer Robert Hodgen release Mussedo, a time-oriented todo manager for iOS. For the first time, iOS users can – at a glance – see their events grouped by date with a countdown style time reminder for each event. Mussedo’s time-oriented interface groups events by date and chronologically with the nearest events at the top.

Get an overview of events on Mussedo’s directory view, from there users are able to see the breakdown of upcoming events, todo items and scheduled events. Tags and Locations are another great way to keep events and todo items organized.

Features of Mussedo include:
* Scheduled events and todo items.
* Archive of past events and todo items.
* Tags, Locations and Notes for all events and todo items.
* All-day vs. specific time for scheduling of events.
* Live search of all current or archived events and todo items.
* Time-oriented viewing of events.

With Mussedo, Sysios’ goal was to create one place to manage all your todo items and events. At Sysios we believe we’ve succeeded in creating a great product for professionals, creatives, students and anyone looking to keep the events in their life under control and organized.

Pricing and Availability:
Mussedo 1.0 was designed for iPhone and iPod touch, with support for iPhone 4’s retina display and will also run on Apple’s iPad as an iPhone application. Mussedo’s application bundle size is 1.1 MB plus user created database. Mussedo is available in US English only. Mussedo is available in the US iTunes Store for $6.99 (USD) in the Productivity category.

Mussedo 1.0
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Sysios is a Limited Liability Company owned by iOS developer Robert Hodgen based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sysios specializes in mobile applications for Apple’s iOS devices. As a startup, Sysios’ launch product was Mussedo, an iOS application that encourages its users to take a new look at todo management. Mussedo, Sysios, and the SYSIOS logo are trademarks of Sysios, LLC. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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