Ducktastic 1.2 – AppStore Game uses the real weather around you

Coventry, United Kingdom – VNA are proud to announce their first iOS game, Ducktastic, which is the only game in the AppStore to use your real time and weather. With fantastic artwork, created by actual artists and a lovely retro feel, Ducktastic is both fun and catchy, harking back to the games you played as a child.

Ducktastic creates its own WeatherFX using your location and data connection. Each time you play, it checks your location, time and weather to customize the graphics and gameplay to your environment. Thus if its raining outside, its raining in the game, if its night time, its night time in the game.

The way to play is to pilot your duck through 18 levels and stages, eat the bugs, dodge the bullets and do everything you can, not to end up on the restaurant menu. Start is pretty basic and simple but it gradually develops into a game which is both very engaging and quite smart. And by using your local time and weather conditions in the game, it does offer something different each time you play. With wind direction and speed affecting your flight, and with rain, clouds, night and more, it’s ever changing and ever challenging.

Example Features:
* 18 levels/stages through 6 exquisite regions
* Beautiful artwork with hand painted backgrounds
* Weather FX; each time you play it could be different
* Automatic day and night time modes

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch or iPad
* Any version of iOS
* Data connection to receive weather information
* Location services turned on
* 29.6 mb of storage space

Pricing and Availability:
Ducktastic 1.2 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. It is rated 4+ for everyone over 4 years of age.

Ducktastic 1.2
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