Home Design 3D – CAD for the Pad [Video]

Useful apps are no longer a minor contingent at the App Store. The newest CAD app for iPad, Home Design 3D, follows on the shirtsleeves of the semi-successful design app, Home 3D for iPad, but already looks a lot slicker. ‘Course it ain’t always easy to make an app that runs as well as it looks, especially if it looks this good. Home Design 3D is an iPad port of the desktop software of the same name – er – if you switch the words around a bit. The desktop app has a million 3D objects and textures to furnish your designs with, simultaneous 2D/3D plans, and loads more. TMA will be taking a closer look at Home Design 3D when its final draft is drawn up (get it?). In the meantime, feast your eyes on LiveCAD’s handiwork (video demo after the gap):


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